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    Let's discuss: Should teachers be evaluated by the students in India?

    In western countries, I have witnessed that students evaluate the teachers. It is one of the major factors to decide promotion of university teachers, college teachers and school teachers. As a result of this system, teachers at every level are very conscious about the needs of the students and deficiencies in their teaching methods.

    In Indian academic circle I have been observing that a debate is going on regarding evaluation of teachers by the students. But till date this has not been implemented at any level. Why are the Indian teachers so reluctant to get evaluated by the students? Is it due to their shortcomings or lack of confidence?

    Let us discuss the issue in the platform of ISC. Should the teachers be evaluated by the students? If yes, then at what level? Should we start evaluation process at the university level, or, the evaluation should be done at all levels (primary, secondary, graduation and post-graduation)?

    Members of ISC may kindly express their views on this issue.
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    Mr. Partha thanks to genera a great thread here at ISC. You are right that students evaluate teachers in western countries. And no doubt that a student can evaluate a teacher well. In my opinion in college or university, we can apply this in India. But for the lower level, I am not in favour of this implementation. There are a lot of reasons. I think students in India are not so mature at this level that they can properly evaluate a teacher. They are in teenage where they can't decide what are right or wrong things for them. If we apply this system in India, every teacher will try to get favour of student without thinking for the betterment of students. Education system will become like political system where every party try to increase his vote bank like wise teachers will also try to get favour of more and more students. So I am not in favour to apply this system up to higher secondary level.
    Its my opinion, let see what other members and scholars think?
    Thanks again to create such a wonderful thread.

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    Students evaluating teachers is a good practice provided the students are capable of doing that. As long as the system of reservations for admissions to colleges and teaching posts exists this evaluation system many not work.

    In many of the other countries this reservation system is not in existence. They simply go by merit and hence this system may work.

    To evaluate a teacher the student should have enough maturity otherwise this system may not work properly.

    In our country teachers do many things other than teaching. They will be used for other activities which are not relevant to teaching. At the same time many of the teachers also will have many other side activities. An University professor may not spend even four hours per day in teaching or research. Very unfortunate state of affairs.

    If the system of evaluating teachers by students is to be implemented, it should be at PG level or above but not below. A good teacher will never hesitate to get evaluated by a efficient student.

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    Probably in India we are not having the practice of evaluating the teachers and that is solely rest on the administration or the committee appointed by the head of the Institutions. In big schools which has chain or branches, the HR would be responsible for the performance of every teacher and he shall evaluate the teachers performance through the section in charge every month. Even the Principal would be asked for the comment and advise on the performance of teachers. However during parent teacher meeting in the remarks column there is a provision to hail or complaint against the teacher in India too.
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    No. A teacher should not be evaluated by the students. There could be intelligent students and dull students. The intelligent might grade the teacher well, where as a dull may not grade the teacher. It is advisable to evaluate a teacher by other teachers. The teachers from the same school might grade favourably. Hence, it would be appropriate to evaluate the teacher by other school teachers located far away. Evaluation of teacher should be done in all levels from LKG to University.
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    Yes it is always good for students to evaluate teachers. Here evaluating a teacher does not depend on one's intelligence but it depends on how the teacher takes class, how co-operative she is, she is encourages doubts and clears them, her friendly nature etc. I remember filling a feedback form for a newly appointed teacher in our school after taking classes for one week. There we were asked her to rate appropriately and many questions were asked about her teaching, knowledge, behaviour etc. We were even asked to write opinion and extra feedback.
    Some teachers are very partial to students and when they dislike a student they don't treat that student in a good way. Teachers being partial is very common and students with a fear of speaking about it does not open their mouth to anyone and bear the torture. Filling the feedback form and writing about it will help students to speak out openly what they have to say. Even there will be a space for teachers to improve.

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    In theory it appears that evaluation of teachers by student may be a good idea for improvement of educational system but in practice it is only successful in developed countries.

    In developing countries first the educational system has to come to a standard and only after that this type of advanced techniques can be applied.

    Till that time may be on experimental basis we can do it in some of the advanced institutes.

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    An intelligent student will easily understand the teachings of the teacher and would say that the teacher is good, whereas a dull student may not understand the teachings of the teacher despite any effort, and would blame the teacher as inefficient. A fool will not accept that he is a fool but call others as fools. Correct or not?

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    Sun, I agree there are students whose grasping power will be little slow but if a teacher? has patience and teaches that student repeated number of times without getting angry or irritated then he will learn may be a little slower than others. If teacher get irritated and shouts at the child instead of repeating and teaching him, the student will start having fear to ask anything, he will stop putting efforts and then he will be termed as a dull student. As you said because of this a student will give negative feedback about the teacher.

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    In a class strength of 40 , the progress and ranking of the students in every monthly test would portray the performance and strength of every teacher. There need not be separate evaluation from the students end. In some schools when the rank card is given there are many factors also mentioned in the same as to behavior of the children in the class, dress code, neatness , keeping of books, behaving with other child and so on. All these are also indirectly points out at the interest and behavior of teacher also in the class and thus a good rank card of the same class is the good rank card of that particular teacher.
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    In my opinion, the evaluation of Indian teachers at university level and college level is an absolute must. This would prevent various undesirable tendencies which are presently being witnessed among teachers. Conucting tuitions, ignoring teaching in university and in college, anti-national activities (by some), excessive politicisation, etc. can be prevented.

    After proper explaining and creation of awareness, evaluation of teachers can be initiated even in higher secondary and secondary level in India.

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    I doubt whether a system of students evaluating their teachers would work out in the Indian context. It may though, be tried out at the university level by asking the students to mark their tutors on a given questionnaire. But what would be the benefit behind such an exercise being carried out? Will such assessment be taken into account while considering teachers for promotion? By whom and how will the assessment by students be assessed? Will a teacher who has been ranked low by majority of students be removed from his teaching assignments or will he be sent for some special coaching? What do the students gain? The politically motivated students in India already have so many platforms to put forth their opinion about a teacher. Over and above that, are we trying to say that the administrative system that we have in place is actually ineffective? Introduction of such an evaluation program will, in my opinion, bring in more negative results than positives.
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    Let us first know how a teacher is appointed in a school or college or university. Don't they undergo some test by the authorities about their teaching caliber prior to their appointment? If it is yes, then what is the need to evaluate a teacher. The promotion should be according to their seniority, not as per their teaching ability or as per the evaluation of students or others.

    If at all they wish to evaluate a teacher/lecturer/professor, it should be done by the Headmaster/mistress/Principal of the college/Vice chancellor of the university.

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