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    Bodies are meant only for our creative writing stories!

    If you think that "some body" or "no body" is correct in English grammar, think again. Here's what you should write and how you should write.


    May I please remind everyone for the nth time: Do not separate the word 'body' from 'some' or 'any' or 'no'.

    You want to put a body by itself somewhere? Sure, let it take pride of place in the text for a blood-curdling horror story or murder mystery when you submit an entry for a creative writing contest!!

    Refer: Do not separate the body from its head. Even many established authors who otherwise have good English skills are making this mistake in forum threads & responses, in articles, in Ask Expert answers....everywhere. Do please pay attention to what you are writing and re-check after submission.
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    Thanks to our ME for this reminder. I would try to remember this guidance.
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    This alert once again testifies that we might be making mistakes as mentioned by the author. I would certainly follow the rule as specified.
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    Yes. I remember you have said it earlier too. Like body, a thing also should not be separated. Somebody - Nobody - Anybody - Everybody - Something - Nothing - Anything - Everything. Also, Someone - No one(None) - Anyone - Everyone.
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    It is good if we remember that or are sure about such words, but if we cannot remember or are unsure, then there is a way to go about it while typing out something on a computer. Just use a spellchecker, and it will underline the mistakes in the spellings. One may say that how would a spell checker tell you whether it is a mistake to write 'somebody' as 'some body' or not. Well, first write the word as 'somebody', and if there is not a word like that, your spellchecker will point it out; otherwise it is fine to write it as 'somebody'.

    @ Mr Sun: 'No one' and 'none' are not always same or replaceable.

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    Gypsy's response #593848 brings to mind another common error, that of writing 'any one' when the word should be 'anyone' and vice-versa.
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    Thanks for the tip and also for reminding. We do such small mistakes in our english compositions here and there and I am happy to note that editors are observing it and suggesting us for rectifications.

    Actually these habits (can I classify them as habits? ) are formed during the school days and are retained deep in our brains and while blogging and chatting and posting in forums they unknowingly erupt out at places.
    Anyway we must exert ourselves to correct them before submission.

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    Another common error: do not write sometimes as 'some times'.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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