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    The SSC board exam is underway. Students must desist from social media and study

    In Telangana the SSC board exam has already started and this time too the government is conducting these exams before time so that the results would be out much earlier than expected and that would facilitate easy admissions to different courses further. But many students are sporting with smart phones as the gift from parents and thanks to Reliance Jio for having free access to internet always. So instead of studying the boys are spending more time to down load films and songs and losing mandate to prepare for exam.
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    Yes,smart phones are hurdles for students these days.they are on Fb ,Whats aop and Insta gram.They are spending their valuable time on these.Some times too much communication make them puzzled.There are much confusion in exam days.They make viral the question paper on social media.I see students ,who are too smart on social media are not too intelligent in study.Social media create many types of extra interests among them, which are n't necessary for students lives.
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    Yes students should refrain from using their smartphones? as it will definitely divert they mind. They should concentrate on their studies to their exams get over. Once the exams are over, they will have enough time to use the smartphone. Atleast parents should give attention to what their child is doing. They should make sure that their child is not spending much of his time with smartphones. Parents should ensure that their child is studying properly and not wasting time unnecessarily.

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    Though the board has clearly warned the students not to bring bags and phones with them, they do bring and forced to deposit at the security which is risk and they may waste time by browsing after exam and there is no preparation time for next exam.
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