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    Mention at least One good thing you have benefited through your presence in social media

    Many of us addicted to our presence in social media. While we share our joy and happiness along with some images to the information of our followers, what I feel that with the help of social media I am getting some new quotes , new images which are not otherwise seen nor felt, new tips and advise on health matters and above all a distant friendship is blooming in silence. In this backdrop I want every member to share at least one good thing which they liked through social media and why they want to be part of it ?
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    As usual once again a good thread is generated by you Mr. K. Mohan. I want to share that after becoming active at social media I found my college friends again after almost 20 years. when we meet at social media we all were very exited. Now we all friends are on whats up and daily share our experience and other things. We miss our college life, our games etc.
    One more thing I make some new friends though we have not meet but always try to help each other.
    ISC is like a family where everyone is ready to help other at any time.
    I have improved my English at a great extend and got knowledge on different topics from social media..
    so there are many benefits which I have got from social media.

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    Social media has made me active.Now I connect with my family members and friends daily ,who are far away .I see them on social media and know they are fit and fine.Social media is a place where we share our views and feel relax.Some times it gives us chances to win prizes.Many people earn a lot through this.I am able to know about many scholars through this media.
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    I have definitely been benefitted from social media. Some are mentioned below:-

    (a) I have come to know about the condition of minorities in Bangladesh, my ancestral land. These news are generally suppressed by Indian media.
    (b) Same about Pakistan.
    (c) Only today noon, I have read a really scholarly reply at Quora regarding nuclear deployment by Pakistan. I never read such scholarly article on Pakistan's nuclear capability and deployment before this. However, most of the people would find this article boring or useless.
    (d) Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Quora, I have established contacts with some of my childhood friends who are now scatterred at different parts of the globe.

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    The best thing about social media is that it has kept me connected with my old friends till now and the number of new connections is on the rise. Since I'm a writer, I have my page on social media and has helped me in spreading my work, and to my surprise, I never thought I would get a positive response from the public. My work has been appreciated by many people who have motivated me more into writing sector and gained self-confidence. Social media has made me popular among many unknown people, and today I have achieved a better image in the society because of social media. Not only me but several people have been famous because of it. All I can say is that social media has completely changed my life than it used to be earlier. Big thanks to the social networks.

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    It really get to know that when generally people are against the social media for obvious reasons that it tends to waste our time, but from the sharing here it seems it works otherwise.
    K Mohan
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