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    Which is your favourite book?

    Everyone of us have habit to read books. Here I want to know which is your favourite book which affects your life? Please also mention author's name.
    This topic has been discussed already in great detail.
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    As far as I recollect, there was a similar thread on the same topic which was discussed within one-two months. Mr. Hakimuddin may kindly check.
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    Sorry sir, I came back here after a long period of time so I do know that you have already post such a thread and it has been discussed. If possible please share a link so that I can know the names of some books.
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    For me there is nothing important than our own religious epic Mahabharath and in that Bhagawath Gita is the great book which is created out of sermon of Lord Krishna to Arjun at the Kurukshetra battle field. This book is the universal and it has the message for the mankind. The book says nothing is permanent and those who born here are going to get away from us sooner or later. Never keep so much passion or trust something which may depart or will leave you so soon. And we are all appearing in this world which is a drama stage as each one of us as to contribute their own acting caliber and depart.
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    The best book of Sun is -" Thirukkural" written by Mr. Thiruvalluvar. This book is purely non religious and universal. It covers each and everything in our life. It is divided into three parts (Aram, porul, Inbam) each part divided into chapters, and each chapter contains 10 Kurals. (Each Kural contains seven words in two lines ) A total of 1330 Kurals in 133 chapters. No book can match or equal the Holy Thirukkural. This book has been translated into English for the entire world to go through it.
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