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    Would you spend a day without a phone and internet?

    These days we all are so much addicted to smart phones and internet that we can never remain without checking our phones every few minutes. The younger ones especially want their phone all the time in their hand and they are so busy on social media every time. Even if the entire family is around us, we don't stop checking out our phones for messages or Facebook and WhatsApp updates. We might miss talking to a family member sitting next to us and keep looking into our mobiles.
    Can you imagine a day without internet and cellphone and spend the day peacefully?
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    A very relevant question. Unfortunately, for me, it would now be impossible to remain without internet for a day, although I can still manage without my phone. May be I will be happy if I am forced to remain without my phone for a day.
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    A day without internet/ISC, I feel that I am at sea. I may remain disconnected without a phone for a day or many days, but cannot remain without the net for a single day. This has become my way of life.
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    Yes, i would be very much comfortable without a phone & internet provided my family is aware of my whereabouts and i know well in advance that i am not going to have access to a phone or internet for few days so that i can plan accordingly.

    In fact, i have been to a few places some time back which did not have any mobile network or internet connection. I just dumped my phone in the dashboard of the car for few days, informing about my safety to my family in the mornings & in the evenings on a daily basis through landlines. That is not compromisable at any cost.

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    Yes can do that. If you have all family members and TV available it is easily possible. Though I have not attempted it so far but surely will do it in near future.
    If your upbringing happened without Cellphone, Tablets and gadgets then you can easily get away with it.
    So it is very much essential that kids should not be given tablets and cellphones till they complete schooling.
    In public and social life , no, I cannot live and no one can live without internet and mobile phone.

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    I may remain without wife or children for a day, but not possible to live without cell phone and internet even for one hour. Previously having a phone was considered a luxury and hindrance to our daily life. But now without cell phone it is the life with hell. Even when power goes off and our cell phone charging is out, we feel like fish out of pond situation and curse the electric department for its lethargic services. And internet has become a way of life as we want to search for each and everything and even the monitoring of children education is also made compulsory through internet as we have to be constantly in touch with the college website for on line clarification and notices regarding the progress of education or any doubts. So for me cell phone and internet has become necessary to have the life well informed.
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    I can stay without a cell phone for days together; to be frank, I carry it only if I feel that I would need it in between. This may be because I am using a simple phone with no additional facilities, but even otherwise I am not very much interested in using a cell phone. Coming to the internet, I can stay without it provided I am engaged in some other task. I like to check my updates as and when possible and do feel restless if I have some work pending. The funny part is that I may not log in to the net sometimes but feel very bad if there is no internet connection!
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    Yes,I had spent two or three days without phone and internet.In December last year I was in my native place.My mobile was discharged and there was no power.So,I spent my time without cellphone and internet.I felt relax there.I had no tension of ringing the cellphone and searching on internet.I spent my time caring my old aged father.
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    I think I can if you could provide me with a book and a person to talk to. Or I can cook. I am not very addicted to anything. I just keep doing stuff to keep myself entertained. Although my friends on Facebook would be mad at me.
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