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    Is the small screen slowly fading out and losing its glory?

    Has television lost its one-time prominent position as the source of entertainment? Share your views.

    About two decades ago, the Television was emerging common man's entertainer. Doordarshan shows in Hindi and limited programmes in the Regional channel time slot used to generate the interest among the masses. The serials on great epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat and history based serial Chandrakanta made a remarkable impact on the mega screen. At one stage it has become an Idiot box for many cursing that it has brought a gap among the individuals and people were forgetting about their neighborhood. With the globalisation there was a rapid increase in the streaming of Channels and networks. The comedy shows which attracted everyone till the recent past are losing their material and going on wrong foot. The News channels have become one sided and they failed to perform the duty of 'Fourth estate' and we have no interest to follow th news any more.

    Everyone wants a break and many are opting to watch a movie on big screen only as smaller towns are also becoming places for IMAX or INOX theaters. Is it a sign that our small screen slowly fading out and losing its glory?
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    Yes I agree with the author that the relevance of television is loosing slowly as the channels are failing to live up to the aspirations of the viewers. The news channels are numerous and in the name of breaking news, they copy the feed from other channels and mix their own words and display the breaking news slide often. And during recent election result time, I could see the trends coming in different way. One channel almost declared BJP as the winner at 9.20 AM in UP and UK before even waiting for the official announcement from the EC. This way there is cut throat competition among channels as to who would be first to report. Then coming to sop serials in the name of Nayi soch, the Star plus channel is actually degrading the women showing scenes against their chastity . Government says girl child is important but star tv shows girl child not important ?
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    I don't think so. Television serials are still very popular, especially in smaller towns and in villages. However, in large cities of India, the popularity of Television has gone down by say 10%.
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    Partha what I understand that in small towns and villages , there are some local cable channels which cater to the needs of that public and play the movies which are in demand. I do not think they watch filthy serials being aired across the Hindi channels.
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    I am not agree with you.T.V screen is showing us many programs these days,which are more informative.These days we see Fatah Ka Fatwa,The challenges this serial is facing is too much.But this is telecasting with confidence. Danke Ki Chot is also a good discussion program.The news reporters ask the question confidently.They are playing a good role in democracy.They point out those topics ,which are n't understand by common people.
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    Ms. Indu Singh is 100% correct. Even in big cities, news programmes,debates, discussions, etc. in various English and Hindi channels are very popular along with various reality shows. The popularity of television is still intact, if not increasing.
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    The number of people sitting before the television might have decreased but we cannot categorically say that the popularity of the various programs aired in the different channels have faded. Soaps still manage to attract their share of viewership, especially among the rural population. The taste of the viewers might have undergone some changes but it is not yet time to write off television as a strong medium of entertainment and information. With most of the channels coming up with mobile versions, many have chosen to watch their favorite programs in the coziness of their private corners and to enjoy their privacy of selection of programs. The quality of programs is no doubt showing a descending trend but television still manages to pull a dedicated section of viewers to the drawing room at a given time.
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    Yes, this is because,according to me, they are violating the morale. Many serials are just contains crimes in different mode in the guess that they are depicting only what is happening in the wold today. Though it is correct according to their commercial angle, morality is getting killed there. Many serials contains killing, violently attacking, booking killing agents, child kidnapping etc., on the oneside and on the other dangerous snakes, witches etc., It was there in olden days cinemas also but they were of minimum but nowadays it become a major thing in small screen. It is very difficulty to sit before television with children.

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    There was a time when people were glued to their TVs and it was something like a mini picture hall in your house. Everyone knows the story of telecast of great serials based on our epics like Mahabharat and even parliament sessions were starting a bit late in accommodating this serial being telecasted in morning time around 9 AM. Then there were large episode serials in the evening which spellbounded it's audience to the extent that the preparation of dinner in the households was drastically preponed or postponed. These serials equally mesmerised the men as well as women.

    With time things changed and not only number of channels mushroomed but also multiplicity of contents and variety of programs from all the walks of life emerged out and the menu was increasing day by day for the customer. The advent of smartphones added more options as videos of episodes of any program were available on your palm.

    This lead to division among the audience. Some of them diverted to social media in their smart phones while some intellectuals were busy with knowledge oriented channels. There were many who were not happy with wasting so much personal time in TV and could not cope up with so much channels and informations in the TV and shifted to other activities like joining a zym, playing games, going to a movie with friends and having fun, picnics etc.

    So the number of viewers of TV might have declined but there is still a large number of populations who can not manage their life style without a TV connection. So the charm is not lost and only thing is slowly it will give way to other technological media which is more powerful and convenient than this one.

    The transition from Radio to TV is well known. Something similar will happen in future and decide the fate of TV.

    Presently the idiot box has already reached it's zenith and practically stagnant in its further growth.

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    TV is also called as idiot box and by idiot box, what I mean that instead of doing some productive work, we allot our total time to viewing pleasure of some unwanted stuff even though some informative features appearing in other channels are missed. For example instead of viewing the daily serials, one can view the happenings in Discovery channel, science channels, so that latest information are shown there and we will be blessed with knowledge appreciation. Even news channels are stereo type and entertainment channels are also waste. I give full marks to educative programs on Discovery channels and its sister groups.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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