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    Height of stupidity!

    Place: Anti-terrorism Court, Karachi (Pakistan)
    Characters: Hon'ble Judge, Two Police Constables
    Prop: A live grenade
    When happened: Last to last week

    The Court proceeding was going on in full swing. Hon'ble judge was presiding over the proceeding. He asked one of the Constables to give a live demo of working of a grenade. The obedient and respectful Constable asked his colleague to hand over a grenade, which were kept as exhibits. A grenade was handed over.

    As Pakistanis are extremely proud and confident people, nobody had bothered to check whether the grenade was live or not. The obedient Constable took the grenade , pooled off the pin of the grenade and held the live grenade in his hand.

    But before verbal demonstration by the Constable, three seconds elapsed. Boom.....! The grenade exploded. The obedient Constable and his confident colleague were greivously injured and admitted to a city hospital. They were accompanied by the Court clerk and another person. Hon'ble Pakistani Judge fell from his chair and his trousers became wet and yellow.
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    Quite a simple and sample that is happening in one or the other form every where and shows how the Government machinery is working. Many cases, we find such incident s due to sense of irresponsibility and poor Pakistan is not an exception for this.

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    From the mentions by the author what I could gather that it seems the Judge was joking at the Constable for his ability and courage to prove the whether he could able to operate a grenade which was always done by unlawful elements. But by asking such life risking act, the judge should have ensured safety for the constable life who is now admitted in the hospital. Some times courts are functioning in a most stupid way, and we the public would only get the laughing. The other day the Madras court passed a bail application of a person with a rider that he should cut 100 babool trees which are responsible for squeezing the ground water where ever they are grown out of nature. Now how can the accused undertake such a task and who would certify his act of accomplishment and what is the need for it ?
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    To whom the title "Height of Stupidity" is being given by the author: to Judge or to constable or to the both... This kind of acts are the best examples of stupid nature and can be shown to the children this kind of illustrations for not to be stupid like this.

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    Mr. GeeKay: The incident is the 'height of stupidity'. The Judge and both the Constables are equally deserving to get the coveted title of the 'Most Stupid'. I don't want to discriminate.
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    Is this news not from last year or is this a case of history repeats itself? Please clarify.
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    I don't know about last year. I have come to understand that this event took place only two weeks ago.
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    This is definitely an interesting bit of information, one that will make a good conversational topic at a party/gathering. It is surely something to laugh over. However, please check your source, because this definitely happened sometime last year. This reminds me of the 'false rape cases' tidbit that you had shared earlier, which were partially fabricated and old news. Google can be trusted with precise dates of incidents and the statistics that are reported in the media.
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    Partha, please provide your source of information after checking the details as suggested by Juana. We would like to see whether we are falling into the 'Breaking News' mold of the media.
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    The issue is not how old the information is. It may be two weeks old or two years old. I am collecting it and will mention it here. It is not a breaking news either. Mr. Saji Ganesh may please note that the title of the thread is "Height of stupidity!". If it is two weeks old then it is height of stupiity; if it is two years old, even then it is height of stupidity.
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    Of course, when something happened, is insignificant, especially when we are ridiculing someone for their lapses and stupidity. However, when information is shared with a special mention of when an incident occurred then there should be no scope for ambiguity. For instance, I would make a fool of myself if I were to repeat this information to someone, telling them that this happened 'last to last week'. No doubt the narration would receive some witty retorts and laughs, but I would stand to lose my credibility because of the mention of a wrong timeframe.
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    Yes Partha, I have noticed the title and have no doubt that it is very much 'apt'! But the explanation sought for has not yet come forth.
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    It is really a very unfortunate thing and no doubt result of acute foolishness. It shows very clearly how poor the systems in some part of world that there is no concern for safety of personnel and that also in a court room. People are mechanically working without any application of grey cells and results are fatal.

    It also reflects the low grade of training through which these policemen have gone through before being absorbed in the regular cadre.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Actually there will be a demarcation between live grenade and dummy grenade. Dummy grenades are marked red on the cap. Where as on live one's this red marking will not be there. This is the general code all manufacturers follow. All users also know about this. The judge may not be knowing this difference but the policeman should know it. This is really a stupid act only.

    Another point is even the dummy grenade also one should not hold it with hand after pulling the pin. One more point is the finger should press the button as long as you hold it. These operating procedures should be known to all users. But I don't understand how this policeman missed this point. Even dummy demonstration also should be done in a ground but not in the hall. How the Judge allowed it. Really height of stupidity only. It is like cutting the stem of a tree on which you are sitting.

    Terrorists never do this type of mistakes. Only police will do.

    always confident

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    The news report about this incident that actually took place almost a year back clearly mention that the policeman who demonstrated how the pin of a grenade is removed was under the impression that the same was defused as that is the usual procedure before producing a material exhibit which is an explosive before a court.
    The author should have taken care to check the dates before coming up with a report as if it is a breaking news and more so should have divulged complete and true facts instead of giving it a creative twist for the sake (?) of terming the same as a stupid act.

    'Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse'- African Proverb

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    Dr. Srinivasa Rao: Thanks for an extremely informative response. Indeed, the grenade (either live or dummy) should not be held after removing the pin. No doubt, the act is very stupid.
    I received information about this incident very recently from a reliable friend in Canada. He stated that the event is only two weeks old. This is not a breaking news. While studying journalism, I came to know that breaking news are those news which are reported within one hour of the actual events. I don't understand how this particular incident becomes a breaking new. May be the Editor who is terming this as 'breaking news' may throw some light on this.
    I reiterate that the incident is foolish, no matter when this event took place.

    [P.S.: I am trying to find the exact timing of the incident, although this is not at all important.]

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    The news is of April 2016. Just type the words 'Pakistan Court+Grenade' in Google and check the dates. The news report states "Ali demonstrated the ease with which the pin could be removed from the detonator just after assuring the court that the device had been defused." [statement in The Guardian] . It was his assumption that it was defused - so it was more a case of horrendous carelessness, of not having confirmed with specialists in the field, rather than stupidity.

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    I don't think, by the way, that Saji said it was breaking news. What he stated clearly was " if it is a breaking news...", meaning that you, as the author of this thread, was presenting it as though it was fresh news instead of indicating that it was an old incident.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I presented it as a breaking new! Me!
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