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    According to you, how could you demarcate a line between self respect and arrogance?

    What we conceive to be self-respect is likely to be considered as arrogance by the other side; the difference between the two being very subtle. Shall we give it a thought as to how thin is the line demarcating self-respect and arrogance? How can we differentiate? Join the discussion and come out with your serious and constructive opinions.

    It is human tendency to feel that what we do is keeping our self-respect in tact while the man at the other end is acting arrogantly. We very often find these words in political arena that the battle is between self-respect and arrogance. But there is a subtle difference between the two and we can be successful in our real life, if we can differentiate it properly by analysing our character/actions accordingly.

    What we may be thinking and acting may be to keep up our self-respect while others may feel that we are little arrogant. I personally feel that an arrogant person is the one who takes thing granted without consulting others and don't take people along and calls attention to something about herself or himself in virtue of what she or he is clearly superior to others. But how to differentiate the thinner line between these two elements of life - self-respect and arrogance?
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    From the ages gone self respect and arrogance so side by side and if the one person is on self respect earning side, the other person would be surely on the arrogance emoting side. Take example of Epic Ramanayana. Lord Ram was humble and sober and he was unnecessarily made to fight with Ravana for no fault of him just at the demand of his arrogant sister and later Ravana displayed his own arrogance even when his wife Mandodhari and Vibhishana pleaded to set free Sita from Ashoka Vatika. On the other side Lord Ram gave Ravana enough time to think by even sending emissary to him through Hanuman and even that was not cared. When Sita herself told him to ask pardon from Lord Ram he wont budge. All this arrogant attitude made him to do wrong things and those who are living with self respect always won.
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    I don't think that there is any thin line between these two. If someone hurt you unnecessary and when it mean to show you down. You get angered, here you are not showing your anger unnecessary but for some reason. Reason to stand for yourself, here you are trying to fight for your self respect. Wherein, arrogance behaviour does not need any reason. It can come by any time without a reason. Arrogance mostly comes, when you feel yourself superior than others. Its kind of Ego which get easily hurt.

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    In our society both looks alike as no one has time to differentiate. To differentiate the both and to find a line in between, one should have a detailed note / do a research about the personalities. People with more self-respect are definitely appears to be arrogant as the quality is not that much easy to understand by everybody.

    Self-respect yields much strength to confidence to a character and earns pride to the self and make the kith and kin of the character very proud in a society. Time would be consumed much to identify the self-respect of a character. However, a person of having such character would be accepted much by the society.

    But the quality of Arrogance of a character would always be dominant in nature. It occurs out of ego, jealous. No one would be love to accompany arrogant character unless for selfish reasons. Arrogance itself is a selfish nature. Within no time it can be identified.

    So one can differentiate the both qualities and can draw a line after studying the nature of a person but not at once by looking him/her.

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    Since our childhood, we follow certain behavioural patterns and the initial preachings offered by the teachers and parents become our guidelines in dealing with the people. We can have different set of people following different different temperaments though the situation is more or less the same. Even though satirical words are hurled to a man, he may not advance any argument by overhearing lewed words and would like to remain silent. In no way, such behaviour reflects his arrogance but there is reflection of his prudence to keep the atmosphere normal. Art is a conversation and we need to learn a lot of the advantage of being restraint. Usage of the words must be meaningful and soothing to our ears as well.

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    Self-respect is giving yourself the attention you need. Although nowadays this word is being closely associated to self-sufficient. So a person with self-respect is meant to do his work without any external help. A person who doesn't require an assistance.
    An arrogant person however, has overestimated himself. He actually needs help. But he declines. Way too headstrong to accept an assistance.

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    Self-respect and arrogance are no doubt demarcated by a thin line but both can be differentiated very easily if we observe properly. While one is a positive trait that exhibits decency and dignity, the other is a negative trait reflecting the ignorance and egotist attitude of an individual. A man who has self respect knows his qualities and weaknesses and is confident about what he says and does due to that feeling; but an arrogant person overestimates himself and feels that he is superior to others which in turn gives him a confidence that has negative effects. A man with self-respect carries and behaves in a dignified manner and earns the respect of others while an arrogant person makes a fool of himself most of the time and will not be respected or cared for by others. A person with self-respect knows to respect others and is amenable to suggestions while an arrogant person looks down upon others and considers his knowledge and words as final and unquestionable. Self-respect can earn you a place wherever you go but arrogance will only distance you from a group.
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    A commendable topic. In sanskrit there are two demeanor. Ahankara and ahambava. The first one deals with selfness. "That I am" or self respect. The stance is not condodned but tolerated among those who can carry it. The second one professes egoism. Projecting so that the other should think that I am! Realizing what you are is not a sin. To project what you are not and let others see a "maya" is sinful.

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    I agree to all of the versions above. But there is a little difference here. Say for example, you are attending a conference and pin-pointed by the chair for the slow progress of work in the project/assignment given to you. If the comment is confined to the slow progress only doesn't matter but your abilities are heckled/belittled in an open conference, your ego may hurt or your self respect may be at stake. At this juncture, if you seriously react to the chair, it would be termed as arrogance by others while you feel that you are keeping your self respect. Isn't it?

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    Jagdish, even in the scenario that has been cited as an example by you, the difference can be made out from the attitude of the person. A person who has self respect would be sure of what he has done and why the assignment could not be completed as planned or within the specified time-frame and so he will explain the facts in a dignified manner while trying to convince the chair and will not attempt to justify his position. At the same time, a person who is arrogant will take it personally and his first attempt will be to prove that the failure to complete the assignment was not exactly due to his fault and would try to justify his position in a bid to show others that he has put in his best efforts. This is what I feel.
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    Saji got it right. I have repeated this in other threads also. First and foremostis belief in yourself - namely self respect. Karmanyeva aadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadajana. Though the saying points towards doing your duty without expectancy or rather that you do not have any control over the outcome but you should strive to do it to the best of your ability (or right as the case may be). That is where the self respect kicks in. I know I have done my best and can prove so. The first two words says it clearly. You have the right only to do your best. The results are not in your control. Being criticized in an open forum for no fault of yours definitely would cause distress and ignominy. However if you have self respect and belief in yourself you may able to think with a calm mind and handle the issue properly. But then we may not be able control our emotions when faced with a criticism which we do not deserve especially in the presence of our peers. I adopt either of the two stances in such a situation. Take it or leave it! or, that is the best I could do, now you tell what to do so the issue can be solved. There is no harm or loss of face in accepting a fault. When you try to justify your faults and mistakes it will be termed as arrogance.

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    Everyone has self respect and it is a necessary trait in humans because one should not bow for an illogical proposition or force from outside. Self respect stands on ethics and is a characteristics of prudent people.

    Arrogance is some sort of reaction to unpleasant, unpalatable and inadmissible things. Arrogance is considered as negative characteristics.

    A person doing something in line with his self respect may appear to be arrogant but it is the reflection of the external talks or actions on him.

    So the demarcation is subtle but manifestation is different.

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    Self respect is very important for us.We will have some values and follow ethics. We are loyal to our work. We will try hard to finish our work to the best of our abilities. After all this some body talks bad about our work and our methods we feel bad. If you feel that there is a point in other person's comments, you can accept and you can try to implement But if you are sure that what you have done is correct, you should not accept other persons comments. You should highlight the merits and explain him in a most acceptable way. This is self respect. Even the other person is your boss or colleague or you subordinate you can use the same methodology to explain our stand.

    But if you start arguing without a point it will become an arrogance. Generally big bosses try to criticize the other people with ego and that to in presence of others. This is arrogance which is coming to him out of his position. Some people accept whatever he says after wards try to prove him wrong. This will cause time and money waste. But some straight forward people may try to explain the matter to the boss.

    Self respect is good. Arrogance is not advisable.

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    Hi, In my opinion self respect and arrogance are the two sides of a single coin. If you want to say it in few words you can say Self Respect is keeping faith in own ability and Arrogance is to not to faith in others ability. Arrogance is one type of over confidence which is is not good. So, try to have self respect in you and not to be arrogant in any situation of your life.

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