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    What will you do when a impending problem just escapes from you and you are relieved ?

    Life if always not encouraging and positive. We do come across challenging and even some problematic situations from which one cannot escape but go through the ordeal. But for some the life was so kind. The impending bad time or some great problem almost touched them but luckily escapes from the jaws and thus gave great relief to them. Can the members share any such incidents which would have otherwise proved fatal. For me only few days back escaped from minor bruises from a accident otherwise I would have had severe head injury if the helmet was not on.
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    Hello Mohan sir....
    I had such an experience. It was during my SSC exam. The last day of exams. Social studies is the subject. That day I woke up early as usual and sat for studying. I sat on a chair in our varanda and after sometime I just moved to the opposite chair. Ours was a brick house then. Suddenly after I moved to the opposite chair a poisonous snake fell from roof exactly on the chair I was sitting on a moment ago. I first doubted that its a snake once I was sure that it is a snake I simply screamed. When ever I read for my exams I recollect this situation. I can simply thank god for saving me. I have many such situations. Once I jumped above a cobra but didn't step on it while hoping around at my house. I drove rashly and almost hit another bike and the man scolded me, once I was saved from getting hit by a lorry while riding a bicycle just in the nick of the moment. These were all 'Thank God situations', and now every day I go to college I experience such situations as the RTC bus drivers very much like to drive on people instead of on road in our area. They won't wait for a moment and they don't care if a vehicle is coming in the opposite direction. All that they know is they shouldn't slow down and should overtake the other vehicle. Thanks to the politicians, contractors and media persons and who ever connected that our road is going to become a four lane road since 2011 I believe, but it still is a narrow road and the busiest road. I think the RTC buses are manufactured without breaks or their breaks have been replaced by horn and these are 'kill you idiot' or 'Why didn't I get a chance to slap that driver?' situations.

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    One day, two days before Vijayadasami, in the year 1997, I was travelling to my native place in my ambassador car. On Vijayadasami day. marriage of my brother was arranged. Myself, My brother, My sister and her husband and another brother were travelling. Driver was driving the car. My brother(Bridegroom) and myself were sitting by the side of the driver. the others were sitting in the back seat. Just we were 20 Km away from Vijayawada. I asked my brother who was sitting by the side of me to go back and my brother in law came to my side. Started again. Just 5 Kms away Vijayawada one truck came and hit our car. All the back seat people escaped without any injuries. Driver escaped without any injury. But myself and my brother in law got our right knee broken. It took three months for the injury to get healed. It was God only saved the bridegroom who just changed his seat escaped without any injury. My sixth sense worked and asked him to go back just a few moments before the accident. Otherwise we might have forced to postpone the marriage which was a very costly affair in those days.
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    Oh that was a narrow escape for the bridegroom. Some times our sixth sense also alerts us about a impending disaster and soon we take decision.
    K Mohan
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    I relax and take umbrage under a saying "Thalaikku vandathu thalappakkayodu pochu"- that which came to take the head went by taking the head cap/headgear".

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