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    How it is easy to write so many article for someone within no time.

    I have always wonder that how some of our respected member are so fast to produce numbers of article in less time. Yes, the command in English is the most important part to write fluently. However, I would like to know how they can write so many article so fast. For me writing article away from my own favourite zone is something a big task. Like how I wrote for "medicinal value..".was a big thing for me. Personally, I get handicapped when I have no knowledge of that particular subject.

    Is there any trick or tips in writing articles?
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    A fine reading of this article on Good Article Writing Tips may be able to provide you some guidance in this regard. I too find it difficult to write unless I am able to get into a comfort zone and feel confident about the topic I select. I find it satisfying when the subject and the words come naturally in a flow. But we have got prolific writers here who can write beautiful articles on any given topic. Let's see what they have to say on this.
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    Mr. Jeets: I also raised similar question in the following thread. Please read the responses.

    How much time do you take to develop and write an article?

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    What I presume that when ever some ideas are flashed, they would keep the draft copy kept ready with additions to contents made daily and when the write up looks full and acceptable the authors may load the same for approval. I too find that some authors share bunch of article within no time and what I said would be the tactic they might be following. Nevertheless thinking of a topic, writing detailed contents with lots of information and again searching for some other source of information, all goes into greater detailing and thus a article would take a shape of great resource for this site to cherish.
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    Saji, your comments "I find it satisfying when the subject and the words come naturally in a flow. " Is exactly what I too feel when I want to write on something. However, writing our own favourite subject is always easy and some time we too need to write on other subject than what we know.

    Parth, thank you for your details, I can get some tips from that thread too.

    Mohan ji, May be I am one lazy person who do not want to search details. May be that why I am unable to write article in various subjects.

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    It depends on the person's interest, ability, compulsions, need, will power, goal and aim etc.

    When we are employed, not every task will be interesting to us. But there is a compulsion that we should have that job for our sake and family's sake. So even if we are not interested and not in comfort zone, we somehow make us involve in the task and do our best. We may even do overtime work for the money.

    Article writing in ISC also may be like that. Another possibility is that, some may be having the language ,know the content, but they may not know what topic to write upon. So when a topic is given to them they come with good contributions.
    As far as I am concerned, ISC is more a positive time-pass for me. I like the interactions in the forum and have a feeling of company and camaraderie. So I am more interested in forum. Writing article is not a need or compulsion to me as such. I am not having the patience to sit, collect content, write and re-write for an article. However when I can write something impromptu and in a straight sitting then and there, I do that.

    Once I have read in forum that there is also a chance of sub-writing, that is ghost writing. I am not sure anyone is utilising that now, though I recollect that a few years ago, one member admitted that and even offered opportunity if someone was willing. I am not able to exactly give the details.

    Posting articles in ISC is a gainful one, with the immediate cc and later the adsense revenue. So whoever is interested and has the aim to earn money will try to post more articles. For ISC itself articles are more beneficial and revenue earning for it. So anyone who contributes more article is an asset to ISC and will be encouraged.

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    You can read through my answer in the link that Partha has provided. I'll elaborate on it some more –

    I became a freelance writer around 10 years ago when I discovered this thing called 'ghostwriting'. I had posted a response on someone's blog and had penned a few articles, which got their attention, and they contacted me, asking me, to write for them. That was the start and I soon discovered there were many opportunities available to people like me. It was better than playing online games, which I did at that time, as I kept my daughter company, while she burned the midnight oil, studying for her 10th boards. I had felt guilty sleeping, while she studied. What started as a distraction soon became a full-fledged job, with people I worked for referring me to people they knew and me taking on more and more writing assignments.

    Today I write for people I have come to know and for strangers who request work on various online portals. The major chunk of writing that I do is for them. It is mostly ghostwriting, with very few opportunities for a byline. ISC is one of the few portals that let me publish under my name.

    For me writing is a profession; just as you are adept at playing musical instruments I am good at what I do. It comes with the territory, you learn things along the way, and with time and practice you hone your skills and become proficient at the job. It's true of everyone.

    I have always admitted that I write for the money and every penny adds up to the kitty. However, I do not indulge in posting nonsensical posts to ensure that I make that money. Writing for ISC is not difficult as the format is known to me. Most of the material I post here is from the knowledge that I acquire through reading, my personal experiences and from watching informative television shows. It is just a matter of transferring all that into words. Contests require a wee bit of research, but the writing technique remains the same. Having a good vocabulary and grammar skills help. I have also learned to type real fast, using just two fingers, so that helps. Moreover, I usually multitask, which means I type while watching television.

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    The very simple mantra to write as many article as possible is - Read Newspapers and magazines, and watch TVs to get the new topics to create. Thereafter, it is our efficiency and ability to write it with good speed and post it.
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    Mr. Jeets: I have set a target for myself. I am sharing this with you. However, this target is not applicabe for all-it is applicable for lazy writers like me.
    My target:-
    First day: I will chose a topic to write.
    Second day: I will collect materials on the topic.
    Third day: I will write an article on the topic.
    Fourth day: I will revise/edit it and post.

    So, my target is to write an article on every four days. This means I have made a target to write 90 articles in a year.

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    Partha your way of creating a creative article seems to be natural and achievable if every follows your first step. But what I feel that once a topic has been decided, the flow of content and way to go about must be flashing in your mind and that can be appended in writing. We are human beings and tend to forget the important points. In Hindi there is a saying that "jab tavva garam hai to roti ban jana chahiye " that means when the pan is heated up, then roti must be prepared forthwith. So what I feel that instead of giving four good days for a article, you can try writing the same in one day, provided you have the thinking power to make content in natural way.
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    Mr. Mohan: There are some subjects/areas about which I won't write anything even if I am offered Rs. 1000/- per article. Computers, mobile phones or other electronic gadgets come in this category.
    There are some areas about which I have tremendous interest, like football, cricket, badminton, chess, history, military history or war, spying or espionage/counter-espionage, terrorism, nuclear/chemical/biological warfare/weapons. I can write articles on these issues very quickly. But very few people in India are interested in these topics.
    There are some areas about which I have partial knowledge or information. As for example, the present contest on medicinal values. In respect of these topics, the above formula of mine is applicable.

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    Thank you so much Venky Sir, Partha, Juana, Sun and Mohan JI for your advises. I have gone through Juana's response in Partha's thread and in this thread. It is indeed informative and encouraging. Also Partha's tips which is very nice and easy to follow. Thank you all of you for taking time out to reply into this thread.

    The reason I have posted this thread because now I am interested to post some good articles which I always felt lazy to do. I have selected few subjects in which I am good and try to post on those subjects other than my own interested zone. I am sure your all tips and advises will help me to do better.

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