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    People are either good or bad based on our experience

    Usually we are seen tagging a person either good or bad. But I feel no one is good nor bad. We see them as good or bad based on our experience. A person whom we consider to be good might be bad for someone else and a person who is good to others might be bad according to us. Just our experience with that person will make us judge whether he is good or no.
    What are your views about this?
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    People are always good. But the way we see from our eyes, they tend to change either good, average or bad. For example if a person turns enemy by virtue of his negative behavior, we suddenly brand him the bad character. And the same person would have been the best friend of our close friend and he is very much comfortable with him. In fact some situation arises in such a way that when all the three meet at one place but two of them are not in talking terms. The happy friend of us would certainly want to make a patch up and forget the past. This way our thinking line goes awry and we loose good friend just because of our ego also. One thing is sure, not every one is bad, some are forced to become bad because of our own actions against them. For every action of us there would be opposite reaction. So before branding others bad, let us probe ourselves as to what made the other person bad towards us ?
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    This posting makes me to remember one story told by mother in my childhood. One visitor to a village asked the village people whether the village people are good or bad. The villageman told if your tongue is good they are good and if your tongue is bad they are also bad, everything based on tongue.

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    I don't really categorize people as good or bad. I categorize them as boring or interesting. Good and bad are subjective and relative. So one shouldn't be branded according to them. We only do what we need to survive. A lion kills to live. Is lion bad to the deer? No, the deer doesn't feel that way. Instead, I guess the deer reveres lion for it's strength and tries to stay away from it. Survival is the ultimate goal. You are allowed to do whatever you want in order to survive.
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    Good and bad are used to describe the sense that our experience makes to us. As an experience not everyone is good and not everyone is bad. Both good and evil are dual in nature. Each and every individual had this dual type of nature but mostly people try to be a good as much as possible. Bad words or evil arise automatically when someone discouraging you, when someone regrets and when someone break your hope. we feel it after all its happening that this is bad or evil. there are no good or bad watts, only watts put the purposes which we might subjectively interpret as good or bad. Like example : If we cannot be a good with our lecturer than lecturer also cannot be a good with yours so its very important thing how should we behave with anyone so I think both good and bad are exist already we cannot made it up.

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