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    The kindest person to you in life

    Who has been kindest to you in your life? Why do you think so and what made you think so? Many people in our life are kind to us but how can you identify the person who has been most kind to you? Also, to which person have you been most kind to and why? Do you think kindness can help in identifying a person's character or nature?
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    The kindest persons in my life were nobody else than my parents. Let it be my father or mother, they were so kind enough, gave birth , nurtured me , giving equal priority in every aspect, and above all kept us happy. Mind it all this happened in our big family of four sisters and four brothers and total ten members of the family. Sometimes I just wonder as to what would be their patient quotient ? How they managed to feed us as my father was the only earning member and that too he was on frequent transfer from one place to another , but we were stay put and settled in Hyderabad. And as far as I could remember, be never borrowed any money nor sought any help from others either financially nor supporting to nurture us. I challenge, no one can match their maturity and even kindness on every aspect.
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    According to me there is no one is in this world as kindest one other than our parents. Even now I am thinking my mother(she left us 13 years back)on everyday especially on Saturday, (as my office was only half day)she was waiting for lunch till 2.00 pm in the entrance itself to accompany with me. Though this is common in every mother, to me, my mother is special. To Gods Grace, I got my parents as well my wife with much kindness. Now that everybody left me by keeping me in their thoughts.
    I read one news in facebook. A boy returned to home after attending an interview for a job. Immediately on entering his elder brother asked what was the result, sister asked what would be the salary, father asked when about to join, but mother asked him whether he ate the lunch. This is mother. There is no equal person of kindness other than parents.

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    Kind? Interesting. This word can mean many things. Kind according to me is a collection of your kin. You know - mankind, womankind etc..; So, kindness basically is to make someone feel that you are of their kin.
    To behave like a relative to a person.
    And it's quite obvious. Who can behave best like our relatives? Our kin themselves. So it's obvious that our parents and siblings are kind towards us, according to me that isn't something to even be proud of. Kin are meant to be kind. But what about those random people you meet everyday? A complete stranger? Shouldn't his kindness far more appreciated?
    I wish I recorded the people who were kind to me. I don't really remember. Yeah, but the new friends I made in my college, they surely show their kindness towards me.

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    You cannot really define kindness or categorize a single individual who was the kindest ever. A simple gesture of somebody holding the door of a shop open for me and letting me enter/exit is kind. A person who quietly stretches out a hand to my 78 year old uncle to steady him is kind. The young lad who, without asking, firmly held on to my sister's hand and helped her to navigate through knee-high flooded waters & stopped her from being swept away or getting drowned, with no thought of trying to reach safety himself, was kind.

    There are so many of them who enter and exit our lives in the blink of an eye. No names, unknown faces. Remembered forever - just for their quiet thoughtfulness, their genuine concern, their warmth.

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    I have absolutely no doubt in this regard. Without my parents' unconditional love, protection, kindness and teaching, I would be a totally different person. I cannot express my feelings for them. Whatever I am, whatever I have learnt, is because of them only.
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    I say my parents are very kind towards me. I am from a middle class family. We are 5 brothers and I am the eldest. We have 4 sisters. In such a big family, my parents. used to take care of all the needs of all of us. The troubles my parents taken in getting all of us educated and getting married all the 4 daughters may be numerous. But they never made us to suffer for anything. How they managed the family is really a question to me even now also. These days parents are not going for more than two kids because of the felling that they can't satisfy them. But my parents kept all of us happy all the time. So in my life they are the kindest.

    In addition to them, my mother's father is really very kind towards me. He encouraged me and helped me many ways to complete my education. He also a played a very important role in life. He is no more, but I always remember him for his kindness towards me in many aspects

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