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    During long train or bus journeys what would you prefer- Good co passenger or travelling alone ?

    Now the summer vacations are fast nearing and many would be planning for long vacations or visiting their birth place either by bus or train. Some journeys are very hectic and needs many days travel. Many may travel with family and the journey may be challenging and enjoyable. But for some who are either on official tour or compulsion to travel alone, the long journeys would be tedious. In such a journey, some would like to have the company of a good co -passenger that would be soothing and may grow into a good friendship in future and some may prefer to be alone in the company of books to complete their journey. What is your take.?
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    I am a little wary of striking conversations with strangers, especially people I meet while travelling. They get too nosey for my comfort. I have not travelled by train in a long time, as I cannot stand the smell in the toilets, but I have memories of passengers travelling in the same coupe as me asking 'kaun jaat ho?' Married or single? Student or working? From where are you? I once had someone asking me how much my husband's take home salary was. It is seriously none of their business, to know any of this.

    On the few occasions that I travelled by bus, to visit my daughter when she was studying at NIT Trichy, I always preferred the night bus, non-AC – I would sleep through the journey.

    Whenever I travel now I always have a book or my laptop to keep me company. I prefer 'my space' and do not like an intrusion on my privacy. I make polite conversation, but do not like being asked personal questions, and nor do I like asking them.

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    In earlier days (say twenty years ago), travellers were more inquisitive. But nowadays most of them have also learnt not to disturb others by asking personal questions. As a reguar traveller I have been noticing this trend. Whenever I open a book or laptom during long-istance journey, co-passengers don't disturb me. Even children don't disturb when I read a book.
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    Travel of long distance,I like to go with atleast one co passenger to enjoy. The joy is enhanced if with more than one. we usually travel with normally six peoples together. Lonely travel is best if we travel with some fatigue or problem.

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    Generally I travel alone long distances for official works. I prefer to travel alone. I can utilize the journey time for certain things. I carry my laptop with me and do some surfing using tata docomo internet connection. If any official work is pending I will try to complete that. I will take some interesting books and read while travelling. Otherwise have a nice sleep.

    But I never travel alone for entertainment. I prefer travelling with my family members in a private vehicle. Stop wherever you want and enjoy the nature. We will plan the trip in such a way that all the places on the way are also covered.

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    I recall my train journeys during the seventies. It was just fun then. After a few minutes of boarding the train and familiarising, it becomes a fun and friendly time from then. Playing cards was the main time pass then. Non-players also will gather around and comment or review each game. By the time the destination is reached each one would have become close to one another and obtained the contact numbers or address.
    Then during late eighties and nineties it was just reading, exchanging newspapers and magazines and discussing matters from them and on general matters.
    But now, as every one has their own personal devices like laptop, tabs and mobiles each one stays in their own exclusive zone plugging earphones (actually sealing their ears!) so that no one will go and talk to them. I am comfortable with a book or simply look through the windows and enjoy the scenes outside. If it is a journey with family , then we make comfortable among ourselves.
    In the present days, reading all the negative news spread in the media, an environment of suspicion and fear has caught us and we do not feel free to open up to strangers during journey.

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    It is dangerous to choose a co passenger for company during long journey. The present world and the people cannot be trusted. We won't know what would happen during our journey if we happen to be free with the co passenger. Today, I saw a Malayalam film"Vinoda Yaatra" in which Meera Jasmin was offered biscuit, and when she became unconscious, her two soverign gold chain and Rs. 350 was looted by the co passenger. These things happen regularly despite many warning alerts to the passengers of the train and buses by the police.

    In the earlier days, train journey was enjoyable. One of my senior happened to fall in love with a co passenger during a train journey from Madras to Bombay, and finally married her. It is not possible in the present days.

    It is better to be with a laptop or book during a journey which will take us to the destination safely. Always prefer night journey and travel by sleeping.

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    Not all the co-passengers would be criminal minded. Reservation compartment has learned people and we are bound to travel with them for so many hours.
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    Don't come to a conclusion that reserved compartments are safe. There could be criminals who plan their action as a good reserved passenger with dummy name and false ID. Never trust a stranger. Don't go to deep sleep during train or bus journey. Always be alert, even while you sleep.

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    I enjoy reading books during a long journey but I also equally enjoy a long conversation with the fellow passengers.

    The reason for first choice is based on my habit of reading books since my childhood and don't take it as boasting if I say that I am able to read even the most difficult and incomprehensible type of books also though it is entirely a different matter how much of that I am able to absorb or understand. Practically a bookworm, if you pardon me for my language.

    The reason for other option is still more tempting as I believe that you can gain a lot of information if you get a good co passenger. Today there are dangers also looming as there are cheaters and thugs roaming here and there and trapping the gullible travelers in their net, still you can differentiate between the bad and good after an exchange of initial information. If you sense some black in the bottom do not reveal your true identity and phone number. I have traveled widely in India and came into contact with so many passengers and people and learned and gained lot of informations from them which otherwise difficult to get from the books. The local customs, problems of people, their hobbies and pass times, their outlook and perception for political events and many other myriad subjects are covered during the journey time and make us richer and richer in our perspectives and perceptions.

    If I do not get a good co passenger I go back to my books.

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