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    Three trained camels are crossing IB (Part-I)

    The Post Commander had no clue. The 118 Battalion Commander of BSF in his HQ at a distance of 60 km. was totally unaware. But something unusual had been going on across the International Border (IB) for the last three days. The movement of heavy traffic could be unerstood due to heavy sandstorm. The human intelligence (HUMINT) informed that heavy artillery and mortars had been moving from Jamshoro to Kot Ghulam Muhammad by N120 and then to Umerkot by a smaller road. However, there was no movement of infantry across the IB. Only Arty soldiers had been moving along with heavy vehicles. The Indus Rangers were also very active. It was also reported that local Pakistani population in the villages adjacent to the border had been moved by the Pakistani Rangers.

    The Indian Post Commander had recently joined the post. He was still studying the topography of the desert. However, sensing something unusual, he did what he could do. The searchlights were on. He increased the patrolling. But nobody crossed the IB. He became very suspicious.

    The Post Commander called the 2IC. The 2IC, a no-nonsense Jat who had been stationed there for more than two years, was also very anxious. Why did the Pakistanis bringing Arty guns and mortar shells at Umerkot? What was their purpose? This part of IB had been quiet for quite some time. The smuggling activities also stopped.

    Taking the Post Commander, the 2IC reached the nearby village and knocked the door of Karim Bux. Karim Bux came out wearing a colourful turban. He offered tea to the BSF officers, who refused. Hearing the story, the middle-aged smuggler offered to cross the IB himself to check the matter. The two officers agreed. The smugglar, who was the most valuable asset for the Indian intelligence, left for Umerkot at the dead of night.

    (......To be continued)
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    The story won't be continued in this platform.
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    Was there any threat to this thread from any quarter? Which is the other platform from where you want your trained three camels to cross the IB?

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    I really like the way Partha sir, you narrate your stories with so much details which make them seem like as if they are your own experiences. I also want to learn to write the story in the manner you write with so much minute details but I always makes mess and loose the main idea of the story when I begin to write minute details.
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    Though the author has taken pain to explain the intricacies of his content through simple narration, what I felt that general public who are not aware of technical words used in the write up may not understand as thought by him. Anyway best wishes to him to continue the journey.
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    Mr. Sun: I have accepted your previous advice and am shifting the story in Articles section. The entire story will be uploaded in a day or two under different title.

    Ms. Joshi: Thanks for your appreciation. Can you write everything without experience? You have the power and ability. You can also write very good stories. Try to write your own experience in detail.

    Mr. Mohan: You are correct. I am trying to clarify some of the terms used in the story:
    (a) HUMINT: Human Intelligence (spy in common parlance)
    (b) IB: Here International Border between India and Pakistan
    (c) Jamshoro, Kot Ghulam Muhammad, Umerkot: Three cities of Sindh, Pakistan. Umerkot is at the border and a Hindu-majority area.
    (d) N120: National Highway of Pakistan
    (e) 2IC: Second in Command: The Second-most important Officer of a Unit.

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    Good. By shifting your story to the Article section, you will earn enough points (more than 5 )depending on the length of your good story . Wish you all the best. Will meet your camels in the Articles.

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    Since the story will be shifted to the articles section, there is nothing to discuss further here.
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