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    Even during Satyanarayan wrat pooja invitees indulge in gossipping. Why ?

    Today my sister performed Lord Satyanarayan wrat Pooja as the thanks giving for many of her recent achievements and eventually she invited relatives and her close friends to the grand pooja. But instead of listening the great story of Satyanarayan wrat, the invitees were seen indulging in talking and gossiping on some issues or the other and there by never given attention to the ongoing pooja there. The purpose of calling invitees is to grace the pooja and have Teerth Prasad. But people wont understand this. The hosts were really annoyed ?
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    I have seen this in many Satyanarayana Pooja. People sit and talk without listening to the stories. There are also people who take a small nap were ever they are sitting in between in stories. One reason for this could be that they already no the stories as it will be repeated in every Satyanarayana Pooja. But whatever it may be, talking or napping is not good to do.

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    Even for that matter every function and rituals are known to many and that does give them the reason to be in-attentive and disturb others who were devote and want to listen.
    K Mohan
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    Though this is common in all such poojas of all houses, the correction should be in them as nobody can correct such people. In Navaratri poojas many people invited to attend the function and they also asked one lady to sing a song on Goddess. But the lady soon started to sing, the other ladies started to gossip or chat with others without either listening the song or let others to listen. The Poojas and such festivals are in our practice to have our mind concentrated in the pooja at least for the pooja time and if we are doing like this, it is better not to do such poojas or not to attend such poojas as we have no time to attend or to concentrate ourselves.

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    Recently I read in one book, that once a great Musician Omkar Nath Takur was in his concert in the presence of Pandit Jawahalal Nehru. In the middle, Nehru Ji was talking to the next person interestingly. Suddenly the singer stopped his singing by seeing this and told Nehu Ji,'I believe you are talking on some important issue,I should not be in the middle for that so, I continue my singing after your talk is over'. By hearing this without any anger or anything, Nehru Ji, stopped his talking with smile and listened the concert till the end.

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    Puja (worshipping) is a thing which requires faith and devotion. Every one will not have faith in religion and Puja, still they go to attend such functions on the plea that they are invited and if they do not go it will be taken in a negative stride by the host as well as society.
    So after going their they pass their time either in gossiping or playing with their smart phone. They awoke only at the last ritual that is Prasadam (food).
    Strictly speaking these people should not attend such functions. If you do a thing without interest what will happen during its execution is every body's guess.

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    Yes,devotee don't sit quite in Satyanarayan Puja.They talk a lot.They think Puja sthal is a meeting place.The main reason is they have no devotion ,they only fulfill their duties.The Priest also becomes professional these days.They read the story .They also not show their devotion.The Aarati also is done in a hurry.
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    It is nothing but a lack of devotion. People see such events as an opportunity to socialise and catch up with relatives and friends. They might be dropping in as a courtesy because they were invited or maybe for the meal that is served after the puja.

    I have seen people discussing the 'return gifts' they received at pujas. It is customary to give gifts to married women during some rituals. It has become more a trend, especially when you find women discussing who gave better gifts.

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    See any pooja or ritual would last hardly for one or one and half our. At least for that period invitees can maintain decency and decorum. They always have time to chat after pooja is over.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is the mistake of the host who invite the public to attend the pooja. Why can't they restrict it to their own close family members? If they invite their friends and neighbours, this would happen. These days, people conduct such poojas to get familiar and to show off themselves. In that respect, I respect and appreciate the rituals conducted by people from other religions. They are very sincere to listen to their priest/Poojari who leads the function. A pin drop silence is maintained, and people tune and turn their ears to the words uttered during the rituals. There will be no question of gossips and interruptions. Hope our good and intelligent members understood what I am talking about.
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    Satyanarayana pooja is being performed by many people as thanks giving to God for their achievements. The people who are performing this pooja should concentrate on puja and perform with great devotion. They have follow the story very carefully and understand.

    The performers call their friends and relatives for witenessing the puja. It is a common practice to wish and talk when many people meet each other. This is how this chit chatting starts. It is not advisable. If one is not interested in puja they can go late and have food and come back. Otherwise people who want to talk should come out so that they will not disturb the people who are interested in listening.

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    Sun please note in the name of Satyanarayan pooja the invitees are treated with grand lunch and for that purpose near and dear ones including some select people are invited.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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