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    Repeating sentences is not smart - it does not add value to a post

    This instruction is primarily with reference to the articles section, but is applicable generally to all sections.

    Some of you are repeating sentences just to add length to an article or an Ask Expert answer or a forum response. In what way exactly is it going to help? Are you trying to beat the automated system in the forum? Are you trying to meet the required length of an article? You think giving a long answer to an Ask Expert query with repetition of text will get you additional points & cc?

    Note that what it does is create boring content and is not going to excite the reader to peruse the rest of your post or check out your other contributions.

    Do please focus on content that is informative, no matter that this may be just a few lines where required. Conciseness & preciseness is the key to good content.
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    Some sentences mentioned as forward in writing content needs a detailed explanation in the sentences that appear after that. People get to understand when some detailing is given. Yes repeating the same point is not required and uncalled for.
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    Mr Mohan, hope you will agree that explaining a word or sentence is entirely different from repeating a sentence or context albeit with a few changes here and there. People who read a content properly would be able to easily make out such repetitions while those who just browse through may not feel the difference. We do have members who resort to such tactics in almost all sections which is not advisable. I feel that the effort of any author should be to enrich the contents instead of elongating the same.
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    Repetition of sentences in an article or post is a source of annoyance for the readers and to some extent diminishes the reputation of the author also. Good writers take care of this aspect in their writings.

    The writers who have sufficient contents and material with them will never repeat the already narrated sentences and that is where we can judge the academic level of one writer from another.

    I feel this thread is a good signal to all the contributors of ISC to refrain from repetition bug and make ISC an improved platform for knowledge exchange.

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