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    Which life-style is better?

    While writing my response on an article relating to Morarji Desai, a peculiar thought came to my mind, which I am sharing in this platform.

    Morarji Desai (1896-1995) was a staunch believer of prohibition. As a devout Gandhian, he implemented prohibition in Bombay province despite a huge loss to exchequer. He was also a staunch believer of vegetarianism and Indian system of medicine & yoga. He lead a healthy and active life and died at an age of 98+.

    On the other hand, famous writer and journalist Khuswant Singh (1915-2014) was totally against prohibition and vegetarianism. He used to take 'sun-downer' (skotch whiskey) upto the last year of his life. He was a firm believer of Allopathy. He was active till the very end, used to write regularly and died at an age of 98+.

    Now, I would like to know from the Members of ISC: Which life-style is better?
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    For that matter who are we to advise the life style for the others to emulate or follow. Each one of us have our own preference and following of particular life style and there cannot second opinion this. If Moraji Desai was successful in his life style , because he was happy and believed in living under normal conditions of life as permitted. Whereas Kushwanth Singh might have got used to affluent living chances as his profession give way to high parties and mingling with greats in the society. So I am not surprised at the Kushwanth Singh way of life. Nevertheless simplicity is the hall mark of our life.
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    Two examples taken. Reviewed. It is too small a sample size. We can't make any conclusion basing on the example.

    Generally if we observe the world around us we understand that every body likes to live his life to his satisfaction and happiness. My father is a very well disciplined person. He follows very methodical way of living. He is a regular walker. He is having very good habits. If the doctor tells anything to him he will follow the same scrupulously without any deviation. Now he is 84+. He can do all his personal works on his own. This is the way of life he has chosen and he is very happy in his life.

    One of uncles (My mother's sister's husband) is a diabetic patient. He used to take insulin daily but never stopped eating sweets. He always used to tell it is better to eat whatever you want even though we die early instead of controlling our wishes and live long. He lived happily and died at the age of 80 years. It was the way of life he felt happy and choose that path.

    So it is individual who can decide on their life style.

    General opinion of public is a person who don't drink and having good food habits will have a peaceful life. Vegetarians are more healthy than non vegetarians

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    The best life style should be of our parents who brought us and showed the world to us. Then seek their advice as to what is the best life style and the change they desire to have for their wards. They might choose the best and tell you the best life style you should follow. In the absence of our parents, we can choose our own life style, to follow Morarji or Kushwant singh or Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Modi or Kamaraj or Abdul Kalam or Indira Gandhi,or MGR or Jayalalitha or Sasikala.
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    According to me the term life style itself a waste one as we are expected to be well in our own style in all respects. Where we are not changing the dress patterns etc., in us we should not similarly change our food patterns also unless otherwise there is a specific advice from the doctor. In that also I suggest to have a family doctor that is to have a single doctor(general physician) for all of our family members. Through him only we have to consult specialists if necessary. This will minimise the cost of medical expenses and unnecessary treatments. Many people changing their food and life style by seeing others. This is just bad one. A person who has a good volume of sweating in normal situation used to lie on the plain floor without any spread or mat. By seeing him if we do follow the same our health get surely affected. If we reduce the salt or sugar usage below the normal level where we have no clinical setback, it definitely affect our health. We should follow our own life and food style generally till we get any specific advice from the doctor.

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    I believe a person should follow his/her or heart says is right and so the style mentioned in the thread may vary from person to person depending upon the kind of environment he/she lived in and how his mental growth and thought process shapes.
    So living style or life style can't be bounded in any kind of definition it has new definition for every individual and if it is not perfect for him/her in the future that person realizes it by himself/herself.

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