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    Stem cells- is it a real requirement or a trend?

    Today, stem cells is heard very commonly by us. Every parents-to-be think whether or not to preserve the stem cells which can be useful to the child. The stem cells may or may not come to use in the future but nobody knows about it. It has the capacity to cure many diseases such as cancer. Few people have the opinion that preserving stem cells is waste as it does not come to any use later while few debate saying there is nothing wrong in storing it as it can be of help later as nobody knows what will happen in future.
    What is your opinion about this? Are they preserved as a trend or can it really be useful?
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    I think they are pretty useful. Stem cells undergo rapid mitosis and might be helpful in growing a whole new organ on it's own. They are usually taken from umbilical cord or bone marrow of the baby. In a world infested with dangerous viruses and bacteria, prevention is always better than cure. These stem cells are life-savers because they carry the information of growth. These cells can be stored upto 25 years. Moreover these cells have memorized the patterns of viruses in the mother. Hence, it has the capacity to heal itself against the previously encountered viruses or bacteria. This could develop the immunity of a person to a great deal.
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