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    Pet trade in India and Animal Protection a

    We hear a lot about protection of animals. Cow protection is on the top of the agenda now. Domestic animals and their use and disposal were a community activity. When the Cow attained divine status is difficult to pinpoint. However, the primary school lesson "KAMADHENU" is not forgotten. But why is the cow being considered as a divinity? Surrogate mother? Saving untold number of toddlers from malnutrition?
    Anyways, my post is not about the cow but Animal Protection Act. There is a pet shop near where I live. It pains my heart every time I cross that shop. So many exotic birds and animals caged for the sake of human pleasure. I am well aware that humans are the only species which imprisons or kills same species or others for pleasure. All others kill for food or survival. But to cage an animal (or bird) which should be living or flying free in the wild or the wide sky is crueler than that. When do we see a law that forbids sale or domestication of a wild animal? And, for those who thinks that keeping a caged animal in the house is auspicious, you cannot be more mistaken. The curse that the animal spews may be good (or bad) enough to curse the whole clan.
    So, cease and desist from imprisoning other beings. Live and let live.
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    Yes, you are right. Captivating an animal isn't good. But have you seen the big picture yet? Until today, every captive animal ever outlived it's wild friends. Because captivity ensures a long and safe life. Maybe, captivity is the only way to ensure the safety of those thousands of endangered species. I know it sounds cruel and absurd. But there is no other plausible way.
    And don't worry about pets. They will be looked after well. And don't worry about the domestic animals in shackles. They surely will lead a painful but a long life. It is the strays we have to worry about. The wild we have to worry about. Although there are many animal shelters today, most of them ill-treat those poor beings.
    I hope Government funds more shelters for these strays and take a good care of them.
    You might find it hard and bitter, but captivity is life. We all are shackled to something. Humans have caged themselves with a civilization. We are captives. And we resist escaping.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I am also against the culture of captivating birds and then selling them to human beings for their pleasure. In Hyderabad there is a place called Abids and opposite GPO one shops is selling rabbit, squirrel, and all kinds of rare birds and all of them are caged and this sale is happening just a stone throw away from Police station. What I mean to say that government has made laws but enforcing agencies are lethargic and they are easily bribed by the persons and carrying on the business without any problem. By the way this day happens to be International Sparrow day. That means we are bound to save the very existence of sparrows which are not spotted in cities but can be seen rarely in towns and villages. If this kind of captivating business happens, one day we wont find any animals nor birds as we are curtailing their freedom.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    exotic pets surviving best in captivity? how does one even compartmentalize that?
    You have no idea about what I posted or what they fee!!
    I have noticed that this forum is not well edited nor cares for what members submit. The approval process does not mean anything! good bye. this is my last post on this site. Thank you to all who did respond for other than credits.

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    Gangadharan V,

    The Webmasters have made it very clear that the forum does not require 24x7 moderation. Members are free to express their views on the topics raised. They do not have to necessarily agree to everything you alone say.

    You are being overly aggressive in making personal comments about members and in taking things far too personally. It will be your loss, frankly, if you decide to leave, as at other sites the forum is so strictly moderated that you would never get the opportunity to express yourself the way you do here. Do try to understand how things work here instead of losing your temper needlessly. Control that anger, fellow ISCian - it will achieve a lot if you do so.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Web master,
    Thank you. However there are certain values in life which one does not compromise. I will keep smiling.
    Thank you.

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