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This thread has kind of similar basic ideology as that of this thread
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    When we cannot bring name and fame to others, then why we stoop to the level of defaming them?

    When two or more persons meet together, there would be certainly a talk on other persons known to them mutually in that conversations there would explicit mentions , defaming others for no reason and talking rubbish with no proofs. What I get irritated with the fact that when we cannot assure name and fame to others, then who has given us the right to defame others just like that. Moreover people get offended by mentioning anything negative about them either directly or Indirectly and they wont forget the bad treatment meted out.
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    It is unfortunate that in society most of the people talk negative, defaming and rubbish things about a person who is not present there. They derive satisfaction and sadistic pleasure out of it.

    The strange part is when somebody tells them that some person was talking very bad and insulting about them, they become furious and want to settle score with him immediately.

    These people have dual standards - they will talk whatever they want but not ready to swallow what other people are talking about them.

    There are some people who do not entertain a person who back bites. They will discourage him to talk like that. These people are the gems of society and they deserve the salutation from everyone.

    I believe that if we can identify such people we can invite them for friendship as that will pave a way for healthy, constructive and positive atmosphere.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It has become a common phenomena to talk bad about a 3rd person who is not present at that place. But it is not at all advisable. If we show one finger towards others,we should remember that three fingers will be pointing towards us. Everybody should keep this in mind when we talk about others. One should understand the acts of others positively. Before passing a comment you should get into his shoes and understand the position and then only you should comment. All this happens mainly due to professional jealousy.

    If an individual is progressing in his career, others will try to back bite him with unnecessary gossip and reporting. This I have observed in many Institutions and Organisations.

    This type of talking I have observed in houses also between ladies. Two ladies when they meet they talk about a third lady who is known to both of them and feel very happy.

    This a bad practice and everyone should try not to indulge in such kind of acts.

    always confident

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