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    How do you choose to be happy in life?

    Life is so short that we hardly find a moment to even smile in a day. Today, life has become so busy that we rarely have time for ourselves. Apart from all these things life has its problems that need to be solved. So, in such a less period how do you choose to be happy and content in life?
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    Being happy is in our hands. Thinking too much unnecessarily on something can never keep us happy and peaceful. To be happy we should stop having any expectations from people. We should? be contended with what ever we have and we should learn to love all the small things in life. Also being greedy will spoil our happiness as we will always be thinking of ways to double what ever we have. There are many factors that affect our happiness such as jealousy, hatred, grudge etc. Instead ignoring all the minute difference with people and concentrating on your work will give happiness.

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    In life you never compare yourself with any other person. Be content with what ever you have. Then you can lead a happy life. If you start comparing your self with a rich man than you, you will start worrying about how to earn more. So always you will think of earning more and more. You can't give time to your family. No happiness. Instead of that if you feel content with what you have, you can be happy in life. Balance your time with work and family. Try to help people in need. Follow principles. you will be happy.

    if a person starving for days together will be happy if he gets some food. A person living in rented house will feel happy if he gets a own house. But if he starts comparing himself with a person who is having two houses, he will start feeling unhappy and try all means to get more many. No happiness. So contentment is the key to happiness.

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    Happiness is a thing which is manifested in different people differently. A person may be happy with one thing while another person may require something else. Happiness is a state of mind. A rich person may not be so happy but a ordinary person may be happier than him.

    Most of the people are happy when materialistic gains are achieved. Some are happy with their academic pursuits. There are others who are happy with their kin and kith. So it varies from individual to individual as to what makes them happy.

    There are people who are in general more happier and more contended than others. Their secret lies in their life style. They control their desires and try to live within their means and do not exert unnecessary for unwanted indulgences. Some of these people go for daily yoga and puja (worshipping ) sessions which help them in concentrating and managing time positively.

    I personally believe that peace of mind is a primary requisite for happiness.

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    The best way to lead a happy life is to live a contended living without making any complaint and adjusting to the lives even on issues and taking it easy even when something bothers you. If you follow the principle of give and take and have the great attitude of adjusting with others, then your life is full of positive energy and no room to get disgusted or dismayed. The way we take the things to our stride makes our thinking like different from others. Moreover stop thinking about others progress, Just be adjustable with what you have and God would certainly give a chance to prosper even better than others..
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    Happiness in oneself is only in our hand. I can give here two examples.
    1)A King who seeks the happiness in him asked his minister to search for a happiest man in his reign. The minister searched and find a man with full happiness but poor in status. He brought the person before the king. The King asked the person how it would be possible to be with full happiness. The man without any word to reply to make the king to understand, gave a suggestion to wear his shirt for attaining happiness. The king amidst the intervention of the minister collected his shirt by giving some other shirts in lieu. After wearing the shirt also the king was not felt happy and again called the person but seen that the same person with same happiness with his (kings)shirt. The man then told him that the happiness in one is only within himself.
    2.A famous speaker told this in one meeting. I narrate the information in his way.Once I went to some hilly place by a town bus. I got a seat in the last row and felt uneasy when the bus moves on the hill and turnings. For my surprise, soon, I got a seat in the front side as another passenger got down in that stop. With satisfied mind but with some curiosity, I turn back who is suffering in that last seat, where I sat before. I just got cheated by my eyes as there a couple were sitting and enjoying the seat through its turnings and jerks. The same seat gave uneasy to me but happiness to that couple. I then realized that the satisfaction and happiness is not in the seat but in our mind and taking way only.
    As told by the speaker the happiness is in our hand only. Living alone (singly) is a joy to one but sorrow to another.

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    We don't need to do anything else to feel happy so happiness is on our hand. Just find the things that give you smile on your face. Be cheerful with enthusiasm in your heart and wonder in your mind. Take some deep breath and observe what you feel. Don't think about what's happening in future that will make you unhappy so be on present make your present with full of happiness. happiness is a way of being where we experience peace. our hobbies makes you happy through playing ,writing depends on your hobby. Life has its ups and down.try being content with whatever comes your way and accept everything with optimistic attitute.

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    Happiness is usually measured on the scale of contentment and so, I think, whether you are happy or not basically depends on what all is required to make you feel contented and is therefore ultimately dependent upon your needs and aspirations. One must generally be happy if his basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are sufficiently catered to. Happiness is a subjective emotion. One can be happy if he does not ask for more, if he is contented with what he has and above all is aware of his limitations. One need to look above material aspects and should be satisfied with the positives he has got in life. One cannot be expected to remain happy all the time and so should not feel unhappy when he has to face some hurdles in his life. As has been mentioned in some of the above responses, one must not compare himself with others and must not try to live life as another does. Be yourself, know yourself and be happy.
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    They say you can only be happy when you are content with what you are and what you have. Though that sounds simple, it's the most difficult thing to do. Hence achieving happiness is a pretty difficult task. You will be happy when you get what you wished for. But you won't stop there because wants are unlimited. And not all of our wishes are destined to be true. So wishing for something will only make the pursuit of happiness more painful.
    Happiness is but absence of suffering, right? Then there are two similar sounding paths to eliminate pain.
    One prescribed by Buddha- end the desire. Desire is the cause of pain.
    Other prescribed by Shiva- be indifferent to your surroundings. By expecting nothing and accepting everything we can finally achieve eternal happiness.

    I follow both the paths. Unfortunately I still haven't found peace yet. Hope I will if I keep practicing.

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