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    Habits of Highly Successful People

    Every successful individual follows a good habit in life. They live their life in such a way that they become your role model. Their life becomes an inspiration and also a source of motivation for others. You follow them strictly. You have a deep respect for them in life. So what according to you are those habits that a successful person develops in his/her life?
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    From my close observations, most of the successful persons are those who are highly educated and know the feelings of others by virtue of their own experience in their life in trying times. Those who feel the pinch of problem and sorrow of others have always progressed and well surged in their life. And successful are those who respects the value of time and the value of time of others. Invariably you can find that those who are punctual and sincere to their work are most successful because they do not want to waste any moment of life. And successful are those who get solace and great satisfaction on others success. Many people around us may pretend to be our well wishers and guides, but when we are about to grab the success, they cannot digest that progress but the real successful people are those who would help you to achieve the goal.
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    If I recall, earlier too we have had many informative discussions on the topic of success in its very aspects. Then too, it was implied that education brings success. Not the case! Those who are less literate are not necessarily unsuccessful. We have barely literate women entrepreneurs in small rural areas of India who are leading successful lives. Nor is there a particular habit, such as always being punctual, which can bring about guaranteed success.

    I think it is sheer dedication and determination to overcome challenges which will help one to achieve success.

    Just a few minutes ago, I got a WhatsApp message which I would like to share here since it is related to this thread's topic: "Successful people do not plan results. They plan beginnings, because right results always follow the right beginning"

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    There are many uneducated people who are still very successful. We cannot say success comes only to those who are educated. To be successful one should have a positive attitude and confidence. He should be determined in what ever he is doing. Also a person should never have a second thought about the work he has planned to do.

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    Some people achieve success by hard work, determination, right approach and dedication and definitely they become role models for others.

    Success is very alluring. It does not come to a person easily. There are so many factors that even after most of them covered by a struggler, there may not be a sign of success anywhere. Every one desires to be successful but can not put efforts persistently and patiently.

    Many times when a person succeeds we feel that he is a lucky person otherwise he is not deserving the results. At that time we do not consider the efforts and dedication he has put up. Deep in our heart we know that we can not do so much hard work so we start taking shelter of luck.

    The successful people have certainly some attributes which distinguish them from the other mortal ones. These attributes are not cultivated in a day rather they are the result of a long struggle and hard work.

    It is said that successful people work differently. It is true and that differentiates them from us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge is power.

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    The habits of many successful people can be listed as Punctuality, hardworking, attentive and always on task. Education is not a criteria for success. The determination , sincerity, confidence and self respect are required for success.

    There is a hotel in Kakinada, East godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. The owner's name is Subbiah and the name of the hotel is Subbiah hotel. He started the hotel in a very small way as mess and used to supply carriage meals to students of various college in that town. He is not a very well educated person. But he believed in his skills in catering services and started the hotel. He maintains the hotel very clean and hospitality is very good. Slowly as the time passed the hotel has become very famous in the district and the business grown like anything. No other meals hotel attracts that mush public like this hotel in that town. Very tasty food, very good hospitality makes you to feel at home. Today the business has gone in to crores. He supplies food from here to many places in west godavari dt,east godavari dt and vizag dt. But today also the owners are so down to earth personalities, they serve food on their own. Wish personally all the visitors. They are very successful.

    Be cofident and work hard with devotion towards the goal . Success will follow

    always confident

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    I observe the habits of successful people,they are good listeners.They are good in maintaining society.They give importance to individual.They have good faith in religions.They believe in actions.They don't waste their time in collecting information about others.They give good suggestions to others.They are good leaders.They have a good approach on all subjects .I think they are good all rounder.
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    Hmm, Humility is the first and foremost. Then comes the dignity. Then the discipline.
    Because without these three fundamental characters, no one can achieve success. You don't even have to work hard to be successful. You need to work smart. Know when is your opportunity and when it is not.
    Always being cautious and acting foresighted. And never dying hunger to learn.
    Having immense self-confidence and being independent.
    By giving yourself all these characters, comes to you the eloquence that is the most significant character of a successful person.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    one of the best selling book 15 years back i purchased and read the book "Seven habits of highly effective people" written by stephan cauvey. Authours must read this book to get the insight to succeed in life.
    according to me some of the habits are-
    2.hard work
    4. Intelligent planning
    5. Inter personnel relations
    6. time management
    8. cooperation
    9. pride
    10. innovative

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    What are we discussing about. The habits are different from their qualities. Apart from the responses, I would say that some successful personalities visit temples regularly. They offer a lot to the deities. They give donation and Annadhan daily. Some take care of the poor. On their birthday, they distribute clothes to the public visiting them. Someone adopts some children. These are all the good habits of some successful rich people.
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