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    Is jumping the red signal an indicator to one's basic character?

    I am not bringing in a new topic for discussion but am trying to look at it from a different angle. It might sound silly, but most of the time, when we see a person jumping the red signal, we interpret such action just as a defiance of rules or ignorance and generally ignore such acts unless it comes in our way of freedom.

    But I think it has more to it, with exceptions of course, especially when jumping the signal makes him happy and he enjoys doing so. When we know that we are not supposed to move our vehicle when the signal is red or yellow but yet choose to ignore the same, I personally feel that it is more of arrogance and a feeling of being smart; rather smarter than others. It is an indicator to the basic character of a person that he is arrogant and is least bothered about the rules and is not at all concerned about the life and safety of others. It is not that he does not understand the purpose behind the rule of the road but he thinks he is outsmarting others by not caring for the law. He is particularly happy when he does so when a traffic constable is keeping watch.

    If you closely observe, you will find that such people generally exhibit the same quality in whatever they do. They basically consider themselves to be smart and so either defy the laws in the assumption that they will not be caught or will try to circumvent the rules in the belief that they can get away unnoticed and will have ready-made excuses even if he is caught by chance. More pathetic is the state of those who wait for a lead and start following such law breakers with utter disregard to rules and such impromptu acts usually creates chaos in traffic junctions.

    Following the rule of the road indicates that he will follow the rules of a society and thereby rules of a nation; to summarize, it means he will be a responsible citizen. Friends, do you think my deductions in this connection are fine? Have you ever thought about it? Let us have your views.
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    I would not know how jumping the red signal translates into a personality trait, because I do not know the majority of traffic signal offenders. They are strangers on the road and so it is difficult to do a personality based analysis of them.

    The main reason for breaking traffic rules is the lack of discipline. Licenses are given with much ease, and there is no real mechanism in place, to check the 'roadworthiness' (I use the term in jest) of the people who ride two-wheelers or drive bigger vehicles. People lack traffic sense and they lack basic courtesies. They don't give you the right of way at round turners if you are approaching from the right. It's all because of lack of knowledge of basic traffic rules.

    Another observation that I have made is that the bigger the vehicle the more prone the driver is to traffic violations. Bus drivers, truck drivers, people behind the wheels of SUVs and high-end cars jump lights more frequently. Bikers are another set of offenders. It's more to do with a false sense of power. A bus driver must feel others on the road will steer away because he is driving a big more dangerous vehicle. A high-end car driver must feel his wealth is on display and others need to respect him.

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    First of all when you come on the road with a vehicle , you supposed to follow all the traffic rules and above all must possess the necessary travel documents handy. Regarding jumping of signal comparing the character of a person , I wont agree. Traffic signals are supposed to have timer which should indicate when the green signal going to change red and the timer goes downward mentions like 50,49,48 seconds and so on. So a vehicle user is sure of crossing the signal stretch in that time. But what I observed that in most of the places the timer has been deliberately switched off and only signal is on. That means vehicle users wont know when the green light will turn red. While crossing the zebra line, when the light is green and suddenly by reaching at the middle of the crossing, the light turns red and the traffic police is readily capturing your movements on camera and you are caught violating traffic rules. That is cheating of traffic police to earn money and not the character of road users.
    K Mohan
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    Traffic lights do not suddenly turn green to red. There is an amber light that glows before the signal changes to red. It gives speeding motorists time to cross the signal or to ram the brakes and stop. The latter should be done only after checking the rear view mirror for traffic behind you.

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    Only the characterless, rude, mad and disobedient drivers and riders would jump red signal. All other decent public would watch the red, amber and green signal fearing the consequences if caught by the traffic police, to listen abusive words, pay fine, ask excuses etc. In someway it reflects the character and attitude of the driver of the vehicle.
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    Juana I too know that there is a amber light in between. But often it is disabled by police and we can see they are ready with camera to shoot the defaulters as the light suddenly turns red.
    K Mohan
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    I have been to Hyderabad on many occasions and have never witnessed what you mention about the amber lights. My daughter would drive us all over the city and not once did I notice amber lights not functioning. I agree the Hyderabad police is ready with the camera and I have seen them in action.

    You can perhaps write to a local newspaper about your grievance about the non-functioning amber lights or to the Commissioner of Police (Traffic), I am sure your complaint will be addressed if it is genuine. Many newspapers carry a column where citizens can voice their woes and these are addressed by the authorities, in quick time. You may also think of taking up the matter with the local MLA.

    You can also go on twitter with the issue. You get responses from the PM himself, surely this is something that can be resolved. You can even live-stream the 'disabled' traffic signals and police in action.

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    Mr. Mohan,
    The thread is not only applicable to Hyderabad or the cities of Andhra and Telengana, but for the whole of Indian cities and also foreign lands. There exists three colours in any traffic junction. Traffic police will always ensure that all the three lights are operational at all times. If the signal lights are non operational, the traffic police would control the traffic with his hand signals.

    As a sincere citizen of Hyderabad, you should bring the non functioning of amber lights to the notice of all the concerned authorities for necessary action, than blaming the police. Write it to a newspaper media of Hyderabad. Write a letter to the senior police official. Write to CM of Telangana/Andhra Pradesh. Don't rest. Swing into action to avoid the vehicle drivers jumping red signals.

    In my city, all the three lights are working perfectly alright, and there is no red signal jumpers in my city.

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    One piece of rice can let you know whether it is boiled or semi-boiled. Same is the case here. An individual's character can be analysed by way of his actions. And this is one such characteristic act of an indisciplined man who intentionally violates the traffic signals. Rightly said in the last paragraph of the thread, following the traffic rules shows that he is bound by the norms prescribed, he has the patience of waiting even in urgency and feels a pinch if caught by the traffic police.

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    There are people who honor traffic rules and never cross a red light. These people are basically disciplined ones and having enough patience to cope up with various red lights during their travel from one point to another in a crowded city. These people not only honor traffic rules but also believe in control on vehicle speed also because most of the times it is the high speed of the vehicle which forces it to jump red light.

    It is very surprising that some people do not follow the above philosophy and rather try to jump red light in least possible time and invite the wrath of policemen. They get great satisfaction in jumping the light in bare minimum time as if they are going to break some world record. The irony is same people if asked to participate in motor race will perform miserably. So they are the one who are whimsical, impatient and undisciplined lot of society. Watch them and you will find that they are equally undisciplined in other walks of life.

    So definitely these people can be categorised based on their traits and we see such examples in plenty around us.

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    In Hyderabad, when the VIPs / CM's convoy moves, the traffic police are instructed to prolong the red signal. This is manually done by the traffic police which results in the strand of the traffic.

    Hyderabadis (I don't say that other state capitals don't experience this) keep experiencing this. Even otherwise for reasons better known to them (the traffic authorities), at times, the traffic police get instructions to prolong the red signal which they do manually.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Kalyani, what you mention is true of every major city. Traffic comes to a standstill whenever there is VIP movement. It disrupts people's lives. I feel sorry for two-wheeler riders who have to bear the brunt of the sun and the rain and the pollution, to make way for such convoys. Hats off to the Indian public, though, for they tolerate such traffic snarls and discomfort without a whimper.

    Traffic policemen manually controlling traffic signals is common practice too. This is done to avoid traffic jams and allow free flow of traffic. Traffic moving towards particular destinations (read offices) is allowed a longer length of movement in the morning hours (rush hours) and the same is reversed in the evening when it is time for people to return home.

    However, no amber signal, as mentioned by Mohan is something that I have never observed, not in Hyderabad or any other city. If it is true then it is a violation of traffic rules. You being from the city can throw some more light on this unusual happening.

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    I found a report that mentions that traffic cops have done away with the amber light at many signals in Kolkatta since they believe that motorist look at it as a green light. You may be right - the same may have been introduced in Hyderabad too. Though I did not see it whenever I visited the city.

    You must still take it up with the authorities, you as a citizen have a right to voice your opinion.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Yes ,Jumping of red light shows the characte of persons.Persons ,who are tough in nature,no value of rules and regulations break the traffic Patna local people ,who are related with any political parties show their power doing such type of activities.When ,I was waiting at a square to cross with my driver,Some Safari and Scorpio crossed
    although the signal was red.I was surprised .My driver said ,they are men of political parties ,they did this often.

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