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    Maintaining humanity by ourselves to the possible extent

    Humanity is reducing in ourselves day by day. It is rare to see persons with humanity among us . Even ladies are not offering their seat to a pregnant lady or an old lady on seeing them near their seat. I read in a Tamil magazine about the humanity the writer found in a foreign city. When he went to a restaurant with his friend (local person), his friend obtained token for four cups of coffee by telling, 'four coffee, two for others'. Similarly another person got token by saying,'five meals, three for others'. On inquiry it was clear that they were offering the cash for food to other needy persons. The aged and poor people approaches the hotel to check whether any
    account is there and they are given food and coffee from the money that has already been paid by others.

    Similarly, once, in Mathunga side of Mumbai, I saw that a person who took breakfast ordered four idlis as parcel which he gave to a beggar outside the hotel. I learned that day that it is a good practice. But I had a bad experience too where an old man in the railway station threw away the chapattis offered to him by my wife and started consuming liquor taken from his pocket.Then onward we planned to help only the really needy persons.

    However the extension of our humanity to others never dropped out on any situation or circumstance and I continue helping others in whatever way I can. What is your take on this humanity aspect?
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    In our culture and in our scriptures everywhere importance of humanity and its requirement are well narrated. There are people who regularly donate a portion of their earnings in charity.

    If you are rich, you can afford to help the destitute and poor. Even if you are not rich you can ask your rich relatives and friends and motivate them to help the underprivileged.

    Humanity is a natural instinct of human being, only thing is to nurture it and convert it in actual practical help. In the todays advancing materialistic world the humanity is gradually decreasing and it is difficult to find a fellow samiritan but our cultural roots are so strong that unknowingly we have an urge to help others and this is the thing which will live a long way and humanity will survive.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Humanity is the most discussed topic today. Yes there is no humanity left among people were they go to such an extent of even Killin a human or innocent animals without any mercy. But there are few people who still show humanity towards others. We should never forget our humanity atleast at times when needed.

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    Yes Humanity is deteriorating and we wont find a sooth heart person coming to the rescue of the needy now a days. Our elders used to say that their fore fathers when they sit for the lunch or the dinner, they would go out and see on the road, whether some one is begging for alms or for the food. Surely they would party with part of their meals and then eat. Such was the culture we followed. Now we are not allowing others to visit our home nor obliging others for any break fast or lunch. And giving help to poor is the gone case in many. But I really liked the mention shared by the author that people in some foreign cities depositing money in advance for those who may seek help food at that restaurant. Here the sincerity of the hotel owner also tested whether he is parting with the gift food ?
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