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    According to you Navjyot Singh Siddu is a good politician or best judge of reality shows ?

    We all know that famous Indian Team former cricketer and commentary person has created niche for himself as the best judge in reality shows with his witty remarks and has much command over Hindi or Urdu couplets. He was also in BJP then, and during the Punjab election , we was supposed to join AAP, but chosen Congress with a eye on CM post. Now he has won as MLA and also made a Minister in Capt Amrinder Singh cabinet. But Sidhu has the liking for reality shows but laws wont allow him to enjoy both office of profit. So what is your comment on his position ?
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    After leaning towards political life, one should learn to care the welfare of the state and its people. An MLA should not be a comedian to make the public to laugh with his witty words in a reality show and earn some sum. He should be serious as a minister to think and plan for the betterment of the people. If he wishes to continue his participation in reality shows, he should resign his post and rest with the reality show people. To me, he is neither a good politician or good reality show judge, but a good old cricket player from Punjab.
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    Well, I completely agree with what Sun said. Even I have the same points to be mentioned as that of Sun. Being an MLA, he should be looking after the political issues instead of cracking shayari's in reality shows. I think he is more active in TV shows than in politics. Since he is spending more time on TV shows, he should quit politics. By the way, he is good at shayari's, so he should publish a book on shayari's. In my opinion, he should quit politics and continue with his TV shows.

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    In fact Siddu was saying to media that after 6.30 pm, what ever he does is own personal matter and no one can question him.
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    The matter has been referred by the Chief Minister of Punjab for legal opinion and a decision in this regard is yet to be taken whether Sidhu can continue as a celebrity judge in the show while holding a ministerial berth.

    Sidhu is known to be a man who does not hesitate to call a spade a spade but is yet to prove his credentials as a good political leader or administrator. He has been doing well in the show and enjoys what he is doing. Drawing a comparison between the two roles he is donning is not worth because both are totally different from each other.

    My personal opinion is that he should discontinue his role as the celebrity judge and must concentrate in the new role assigned to him and must dutifully carry out the responsibility that has been placed on him by the voters. As a person holding a constitutional position, it would neither be fair nor ethical for him to continue in the Kapil Sharma show.

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    Does it mean that he will be a part time MLA to forget the government and the people after 6.30 p.m? Should we have 12 hours MLA who work from Sunrise to Sunset? It would be nice and heartening to hear if he had said that he would meet the people of his constituency and sort out their problems after 6.30 p.m. People who voted for him should take him back and put him on reality show chair permanently.

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