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    Is money overriding the talent?

    These days if a talent and money is weighed together, the most weightage is got for money than the talent. Money without talent is accepted by people to accomplish something but talent without money is very difficult to get noticed. For example, a person who has secured good marks and is highly talented will find difficult to get into some nice college but someother rich person with no talent can get into desired top college if he showers the money to the institute. This applies not only for education institutes but in every other field were money speaks louder than the talent be it in finding a government jobs or any reputed competitions etc.
    Do you also feel that money hides the talent of a really talented person?
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    It is really an unfortunate thing that many places money is manifold powerful than talent. Money is not everything in this world but its dangerously increasing power in the society is a big threat to the talented and knowleagable people.

    This trend can only be reversed by a strict and good governance Govt which do not allow management quota seats in colleges or widely prevalent donation systems.

    Rich people who can afford to spend money during elections are also taking advantage of their money power and many times win the elections against the genuine candidates.

    The talented people are becoming victims of this money game and some of them are losing hopes for a good career and getting frustrated.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes I strongly believe that money is overriding the talent and this can be seen and vouched in every walk of life. Suppose a boy scores 90 percent mark and wants to have his name appear in the first of people selected for college admission. But suddenly one more student joins the band wagon to seek seat with less percentage of mark but by the virtue of his fathers money power, he actually purchase the seat for a price and thus his name appears in the first list and not the merit person name. Even when you go to the temple, the donors with big donation are mentioned in bold letters and people who paid less donation are not even mentioned.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. Money is playing a very powerful role in the society. Not only in career,education but in every walk of life. Money can do wonders. There are instances where even judicial system is also getting influenced bu this money.

    For getting a seat in colleges huge money in the form of donations, for getting a job money in the form of bribe. Everywhere and every sphere of life money is over riding talent.People who are having merit and completing their studies in India are going abroad for their career.
    People with money they are getting educated in India or abroad. They are settling in India and trying to get back their money somehow or other. In this process merit is really loosing its importance.

    To change this system lot of work is to be done by government. No management quota seats and no reservations system may improve the importance of merit. But I don't know whether any government will bell the cat.

    always confident

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