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    How to stop drinkers from their habit ? Read this important suggestion to Govt.

    We all know that those who are regular drinkers, they cannot mend their ways even after making so many promises that they would stop the drinking habit but they wont. Many families are getting ruined due to this attitude and there is a great idea to bail out those families. The government must charge double the cost of the liquor from the drinker and credit half of the amount to the account of his wife through Aadhaar seeding and thus the more he drinks, the family would be getting the share of it and at least they are protected money wise. Is the government listening ?
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    The idea looks good but how the money could replace the human life. Once again if any medical emergency comes, those money will be used for the same drunker. This idea once again facilitates the drinkers only. Also as we are in India there is less chances of getting our full money back from our government. There will be some cuttings and we really don't know where it will go. What do you think about this?

    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    For government it is the source of income and they wont ban and for people who are habitual drinkers, they wont give up and hence this suggestion.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The idea can best be described as Tughlaqian! One need to study a drunkard or the vice of drunkenness properly before coming up with such ideas. All those who drink are not drunkards. It becomes a menace only when a person becomes addicted to the habit. And such a condition will require some serious medical attention.

    Increasing the price of liquor will not act as a deterrent to a person who cannot do without gulping down a few pegs; he will find means and ways to ensure that he can buy his quota for the day and this in turn may lead to increase in crimes and all the more will only help in increase in domestic violence. When the drunkard knows that half of the money he pays for a bottle is being given to his wife, he will surely use all tactics to extract the money from her and this will only lead to more problems at home.

    These kind of topics cannot be confined to a lighter discussion because of the social, financial and more importantly, the psychological aspects involved in the same. Politicians may come up with such foolish ideas without giving the subject any serious thinking with an aim to gain political mileage but we should be more prudent while bringing such topics for discussion in any public platform; we should not leave anything to imagination.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    There are many broadminded wives who never feel bad about their hubby's drinking habit. There are very decent drinkers too. Why should government charge them double and deposit a sum in their wives' account? The percentage of heavy drinkers whose family suffers due to their drinking habit are comparatively less. So, your good suggestion will affect the good drinkers.

    Your good suggestion is not practicable for implementation. Government is not listening and will not listen, Mr Mohan.

    No life without Sun

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    It is not at all a well-thought out idea and can heavily back fire. Note that in most families in India the wife has a joint account with the husband. The husband will deliberately go and buy the liquor, no matter the price, with the aim of having a corpus fund, so to say, for future drinking expeditions. Just as we save money in our bank accounts for emergency requirements, the husband will consider buying more liquor as his urgent need to drink he will consider as an emergency! You also forget that there are women too are addicted to liquor. What about them? How does this suggestion benefit anybody them in any way?

    Incidentally, the suggestion to increase the price of alcohol to curb drinking is not really an original idea. If I recall, there was some such implementation in UK some years ago.

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    Now a days drinking has become a habit to many.All big bosses will have a small bar in their houses and drink daily one or two pegs in the evening before dinner. They offer the drinks to their guests also. It has become a common phenomena in corporate world. They don't have any health problem or money problem.

    But the real problem is with the people who got addicted to drinking. This especially happens in lower income group. They can't stand without drinking. They take alcohol from government shops and sometimes they go for cheap liquor also. I know a person who got addicted to this habit. If he is not taking liquor for a day he will start shivering and can't stand. His wife works as servant maid in some houses and earns money. This man takes away from her and drinks.Unfortunate for him and fortunate to his wife, the person died at the age of 50 years. Now that lady is spending a happy life with her daughters and son as the money she earned is available for family. I don't know how to stop these people from this habit.

    I heard that in Chennai there is a hospital who cure this addiction and make them to stop drinking. One rich man from my village was taken by his wife to this place and stayed there for 2 months and got him cured. Now that man stopped drinking.

    In my opinion government can't do anything in this issue unless otherwise the individual understands the real problem.

    always confident

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