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    By helping others we help ourselves

    By helping others ,we help ourselves.It may be possible ,we don't get help from the person,to whom we helped.But we get help from others.So we should help each other.Some people are too much selfish.They think if they help others they go ahead.These narrow minded people are self centered What are the use of their power and prestige.If God has given us power, make us able to help others
    We should help those,who needs our help.Our small help can make them successful.These are my views.What are your views?Should we help or not?
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    When someone is well settled and able to lead a happy and prosperous life, his immediate task would be to reach out at others. By helping others no one get belittled. In fact they talk high about a person who gave the helping hand. Every religions says that by virtue of their good standing in the society wealth and health wise, one must reach out to the poor and the needy then only the purpose of their life would have some meaning. I have seen so many rich people who have no children or if they have children they are insensitive to the toil of their parents and thus leave a aloof life. What is the use of those parents who keep on saving money for the those children who never care the society nor others. So there should be positive thinking on the part of haves and they must share some portion of their wealth with others.
    K Mohan
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    Helping others is very important for every individual. Help need not be in the form of cash it can be in kind also. If you see a blind man who is not able to cross the road, hold his hand and see that he is on the other side. That is great help for him. If some body comes to you for some help if it is in your reach, you should help him. By helping him you are reserving your good deed in the store which will definitely comes to your rescue at the time of your need.

    Now a days importance of money increased and everyone is trying to earn more. At the same time,people are coming forward to help the needy people. But we should keep one thing in mind. We should not help people who don't really deserve that help. If somebody wants money for taking liquor and if you give him money indicates your are helping him to spoil his health. So don;t do that.

    Make a point to help others who are really in need.

    always confident

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    In many cultures and as well as societies helping others specially to the downtrodden is taken with pride. If one is well to do and can afford there is nothing better than helping others. Not only it benefits the have nots but also gives the donar a deep satisfaction of doing a good deed.
    Spiritually speaking we human beings are borne in this world for a span of some years and have to leave one day this materialistic world. All our assets and riches will be left behind with our children or heirs. So there is no harm if one spends a part of it in helping others.

    It is not that only rich people can help others, those who are not rich can also help others by sharing their knowledge and advising the people for their well being and benefits.

    Knowledge is power.

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