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    What is the use of deleting threads with a different title but to the same topic in a different way?

    Dear ISC and Members,
    What is the use of deleting threads with a different title but to the same topic in a different way? I think ISC is a site that wants more and more information fed to India study channel as an article, question, answers and forum discussion. The revenue increases and the page increases.

    Now, What is the problem with ISC? Why ISC is interested in deleting threads? Don't they want the site to be loaded with different information, varied and elaborated information according to the thinking of the members of ISC.

    I think, the thread title makes the difference. A subject can be posted under different titles that increases the number of viewers.

    Very recently, a thread was posted about the copy right of a Music director and playback singer. I raised a doubt in another thread about the royalty to a music director and music creator indicating the names inside the summary. Though the topic is same, subjects are different. The two titles were entirely different from other. Yet the editor got my thread deleted.

    Why...why...why..? Does it harm a netizen or ISC Admin? I really don't understand why the editors are hasty to delete the threads.

    Editors, please explain how it harms or affects ISC, and your deletion of thread helps ISC? Members too can answer my question or support my question.
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    Don't start the same pointless complaint all over again. What you posted supposedly to invite creativity is not acceptable. If at all you are genuinely keen on knowing the answer as a query to increase your knowledge and acquire information as you call it, then you can ask it in a sensible manner in the Ask Expert section in the relevant category (that is, if the query has not been posted earlier on it.)

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Mr Sun, the reason for deleting your thread in question has been clearly mentioned therein and I don't find any reason as to why you should have any doubt about the same. I am sure that you need not be enlightened about the fact that a topic can be conceived and written in ten different ways by ten different people. When a thread on a subject is already active, what is the purpose of creating another thread on the same lines.? If that be the case, I can raise a thread on whether a lyricist would have copyright over a song, another can raise a thread on whether the singer would have the copyright and another on whether the producer would have the copyright and so on. When the topic being discussed is about copyright of a song, it would be better to post responses therein that would add value to the thread instead of trying to raise a different thread which would weaken the earlier thread and also would fail to attract members to it.

    Let it be clear to you that no thread is deleted without any valid reason. A member raising a thread may not agree to the decision of the editors and he is well within his right to feel that he has posted a valuable content, but an editor need to look at things in a different perspective taking into consideration various aspects and need to take action as deemed fit. It is not possible for editors to give reasons or explain to the author every time as to why a particular thread was deleted. There is no haste on the part of editors, as you think, to delete a thread and they are not waiting for a chance to delete as if it gives them some pleasure.

    These points have been discussed many times in this forum and members have been requested and at times, warned to desist from resorting to such practices which not only doesn't look nice but also is against the ethics one need to follow in a public platform like this.

    We have answered too many questions, in different ways and tones, on deletion of threads and so would request our members to co-operate by adhering to rules and guidelines about which they are aware. Give your issue a thought and be sure and clear before trying to question the action of the editors; you will find that it won't be easy.

    Note: It seems the ME and self has responded simultaneously. Now don't start all over again saying that editors have teamed up against a member.

    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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    Do you think that load on pages simply increases the revenue of site? Certainly NOT. The revenue generated is based on how the content is and how well it is ranked. You are always comparing the ISC with the past old and gold years. Perhaps, less moderation done in the initial days / growing stage. But the same can't be maintained always as the site has to grow further and maintain atleast the best level the site has. So understand that strict moderation will add more value to any site. Without moderation, no site can't survive in the web world. Hope you are clear now!


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