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    Is this some kind of a joke?

    I am shocked to see the low CC for the ongoing 'medicinal values' contest. Ten of my articles got approved and the CC is as low as Rs.20, with the average hanging at Rs.26 an article. This is such an ugly joke that is being played on people. If this is the kind of remuneration that is offered I am tempted to submit sub-standard work.

    Truly disgruntled.
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    I think it is a joke. For the first article, I received Rs. 35/-. For next two exactly similar aticles, I received Rs. 20/- each. Today I have received Rs. 15/- each for the next two articles.
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    Even I felt the same. Though I am not a frequent article writer getting as less as 15CC is disappointing. My first article got 25 cc and today remaining three articles got 15cc.

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    We are checking out this issue. Give us some time. However, please note that you cannot expect high/same cc for all articles.

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    If I am to believe the data on my Statcounter, my articles were approved in split seconds. 07:11:13, 07:11:25, 07:11:33, 07:12:00, 07:12:19, 07:12:27. These are just the timeframes between a few approvals. How much of the quality/content can one gauge within such a short span? One has to be super human to be able to open links, read through, approve and move onto the next article at such lightening speeds. Hats off to the one with such prowess!
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    An article gets indexed by Google right away & page views will thus show up in the Statcounter account once it has started getting traffic. Articles need not be approved for this indexing. It is also possible that ISCians are reading your articles right away as soon as you submit them as entries for the contest and those may be the quick timings you see. Will need to clarify if it is possible to know from the Statcounter account the times of the edits if that is what you are indicating. I was not aware that you can detect timings of approval of an article via it featuring in the Statcounter account.

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    The timings that I have listed are from one IP address, and the activity is listed within one block or segment, one after another. The visitor's timing of each page view is recorded, within one box, in one place, as one entry.

    Yes, there is no foolproof way of finding out whether the activity is related to approval or just traffic coming in. But, in this case, it happens to be the only activity recorded for the approved pages and the timings coincidentally coincide with the approval time of the said articles. It's easy to do the math with this available data.

    There were no other visits recorded for 23 March, the day the articles got approved articles. There is just one visitor, and the activity shows that person jumping from one article to another. These articles incidentally happen to be the approved articles.

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    The timings may well be just that - a coincidence. The times you have listed are not the times of the edits. Somebody was likely just checking out your articles one after the other during those minutes.

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    The time mentioned on Statcounter does not coincide with IST is a known fact. So, yes the exact hours will not match.

    I wanted to highlight the time gap between the jumps. Like I said it is not a foolproof way to prove my view, but I'd still like to believe what I think happened. This is not the first time I have scrutinised the activity on Statcounter. I also know when it is you, who approves an article of mine.

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    A reassuring note to everyone:
    Although this complaint has been posted by Juana, it is not as though we will be dealing only with her complaint. Since others too have indicated they may have got fewer cc than expected, we will review everyone's articles too. A second review is always done in any case for every articles contest before the winners are finalized. At that time, we not only double check for adherence to submission guidelines, but also, if really worthy of it, we do increase the cc too. So just be patient please even if you do not right away see a change in the cc of your articles.

    Note also that the points and cc is never considered as a basis for finalizing the winning entries for any articles contest.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    By the way, Juana, we do not appreciate the backhanded compliment given in response #593896. That could have been avoided. It hurts.
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    You could have posted the complaint & comment made in response #593903 in the thread where the list of points were given & suggestions were invited. It was open for quite a long time. This thread is not the platform for your complaint about an unrelated contest. As a platinum member, you should respect others' threads and not derail them in any which way.

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    Thank you, this is reassuring. I hope your assurance lifts the dampened spirits of my fellow writers.
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    I do not know who the 'we' you refer to implies.

    You are being overly sensitive. Why do you take it personally? For it to hurt there has to be some truth in what I pointed out, or it would have been ignored as coming from a senile mind.

    Let me add here, that many a time matters can be resolved, amicably, but responses (such as the one accusing me of making a backhand compliment) create bad blood. You latched on to one phrase but ignored the context it was mentioned in. When reviewing a matter it is always good to judge and draw conclusions based on a whole. This is nit-picking; it has diverted the attention from the core issue. Now I am made out to be a nasty person, and I am not pleased about it.

    I have made my point, and don't want to add anything further, lest I end up hurting you some more.

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    Thanks for deletion. Contests might be different. But gauging the responses for awarding the points/CC should be same. We cannot have different yard sticks to different contests, especially to award CC which is important to the participants. The query I posted is common for award of CC. Whether it was a contest on medicinal value or holy festival, the judgement to award CC should be justified. Anyway, I have posted my query in the thread you have directed. Would like to see your reaction there.

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