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    Why pension for MPs and MLAs?

    In a country where a government servant is eligible for full pension only after serving twenty years, do you think it is fair to allow pension and other additional perks for MPs and MLAs who complete just one term in office? How can it be or rather, can it be justified? Join this discussion and feel free to air your views on this topic.

    We are aware of the earlier days when the honorarium our elected members were taking was very nominal.
    Slowly their honorarium was converted to salary with many many other perks like free housing, free travel,free security and so on and so forth. The salaries have now become very high. Now the scheme of pension has also been introduced. An MP/MLA, who spends his one term in office will become eligible for full pension. Is it looking fair? A government employee will become eligible for pension only after 20 years of service. How can this political pension will be granted after 5 years? I think our able PM will look into it.
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    There has been persistent demand from MP's and MLA's that they should also be treated on par with a government servant as after all they are also working for a government. They argue that not all the MLA and MP's have the chance to earn money while in office. Moreover winning a election is not as easy as thought. One has to spend whole lots of money during the election and even being a member of Parliament or Member of Assembly as he has to maintain his own personal staff. So keeping all this factors in mind, the government has allowed even allowing pensions to all the elected representatives.
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    It is not ideal to give pension to all the MPs and MLAs with one term service(just five years), If at all government decides to give pension to MPs and MLAs, it should be given to MPs and MLAs who have served the parliament and assembly without any break and attained their 60 years of age without losing any election they contested. I think, Supreme court has questioned the government on this issue.
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