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    What is the best thing you find interesting about Indian Marriages?

    India is the one and the only country where you could get to watch different kinds of marriages according to various religions. Marriages in India are like a celebration, and it is a like a festival for people as every individual enjoys and has a gala time at marriages. When you get to attend many marriages in India whether it is of any religion what is the best thing you have found the most interesting in Indian Marriages? Share any of your best observations till now.
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    The best thing about Indian wedding is every rituals are followed in detail. Importance is given to each and every ritual and the marriage last for 2-3 days. The arrangements begin atleast from one month were gifts are planned, eatables are prepared. All the relatives join together during the marriage and take part in the celebration. The planning, arrangements, scheduling everything is fun during a wedding.

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    The best and worst thing in Indian marriages are the wasteful expenditure. The guests enjoy the feast and the host suffers with the finance. Indians spent a lot for marriages which is unnecessary. Marriage should be made simple. The rich celebrates marriages in a big way with their black money, whereas the poor struggles hard to conduct a marriage, and goes for loans to please the relatives and friends, and finally lands up with problems in repaying the loans.

    My response to your thread - The marriage feast is the best in Indian marriages.

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    Yes Sun, I completely agree with you. The marriages are most difficult for the poor people in India as they have to strive hard for every single penny to get the wedding done with ease. Sometimes, in worst condition's they even have to take loans or mortgage their property.

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    What I feel that most of the Indian marriages are performed for the others to get noticed and not for the self convenience. There is no need for costly settings for Marriage Pandal, there is no need for decorations and lighting and there is no need for elaborate cuisine or menu. What the relatives , guests and the invitees need is the best hosting experience and a good food offered at the marriage. What I fail to understand that in most of the marriages the show put up was more rather than personally looking after the requirements of guests. And thus even after so much spending, rave reviews about the marriages could be heard from relatives. It is the relatives who look for the loop holes in marriage and care must be taken that they are attended well. Otherwise even after spending huge money, only tension prevails and no tranquility after marriage.
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    Hindu marriage is famous for its rituals. The chanting of the priest are very meaningful and gives a lot of in depth knowledge about family culture. No other religion is having this practice.
    But now a days other things are becoming more important. The main course that is carried out by the priest is not attracting the audience. Videographers and photographers take a lead and everybody will concentrate on these items only.The marriage system is designed in such a way that both the bride and bridegroom will get bonded for their life time. No need for big halls, big stages,hefty arrangements for lighting and decoration. Lot of wastage of food is another problem. If we manage these things within limits and give importance to the rituals, Hindu marriage methodology is the best way.

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    Marriage is an important decision in life. A firm commitment. All different cultures have different ways of marrying.
    Hindu way is the most awesome and is nowadays even preferred by westerners. Unlike other cultures our marriages aren't all that serious. We have a lots of fun dancing and playing around. Every sense is aroused by different elements.
    Fragrance of flowers and incense sticks, visual grandeur, mouth watering cuisine, awesome music and hymns at the same time and a touch of new and expensive clothing. But I think it's the food and games that dominate all other elements. We play different games in order to make bride and groom feel home and comfortable with each other. And the food. We are a nation of diversity. So is our food. That's exactly what I love about India. Indian cuisine is a cocktail of every cuisine ever!
    All these make a festive atmosphere and draw happiness.

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    Dr. NVS Rao,
    You have said that rituals should be given importance. My question is - In spite of the well conducted rituals during the marriage ceremonies, why do the couple suffer with divorces, why do they suffer without children? In which way the rituals and chanting of vedic slogas and mantras help the couple in their life?

    I am sure, marriages performed without any rituals goes well, and the couple lead a very happy and healthy life on the earth. I don't think rituals are important. It is a time passing/pulling event during a marriage ceremony.

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    Dear Mr. Sun, I am very happy with your post. But always there will be some exemptions for all. However every one will have their own beliefs. Thanks for your update.
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    In Indian culture, marriages were arranged by the parents after examining the details regarding the other party - it's caste, social status, financial condition, location etc. After ascertaining the basics, in many parts of India, horoscope was also to be seen for astrological compatibilities.

    Once the ground work was over the marriage ceremony was conducted usually by a priest with all the rituals and traditions with a belief that if everything is done as per traditional and religious procedures the life of the married couple will be happy and trouble free. During these marriages the parties spent money as per their capacities and tried to entertain their friends and relatives as per the facilities available.

    With time, the materialism and modernisation changed the scenario and the traditional and cultural rituals were pushed to backstage and pomp and show took its place and today unfortunately it is totally the money which is showing its color throughout the ceremony. Now the people who can afford, do it happily and enjoy along with their friends the occasion but the middle class and poor class unnecessarily join the wagon of exyravaganza and reel under financial pressure.

    No doubt, people in general enjoy these functions but the evil beneath the ceremony is painful.

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