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    "Blood Donor-The Half Doctor for Life"

    Doctors are meant to save the life of people. They are an incarnation of God on earth. Not everyone in life gets to become a doctor, but they say that people who donate blood and save a life are also equivalent to a doctor. I have read outside the blood banks that it is not necessary to be a doctor to save a life of a person. So in that case, if I say that "a blood donor is a half doctor for life" will you agree with my statement or you are against it? Make sure you give a justification for your answer.
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    A well qualified intelligent doctor will not need any blood to save the patient.They would save the life of a serious patient through liquids mixed with medicines. In most cases the blood is not used but kept as standby. The blood banks earn a good sum through sale of bloods to hospitals which they may not use, but charge the cost of blood from the patients. A blood donor cannot be a half doctor. I will agree if a person who donates his organs like heart, kidney, eyes etc. I would call them as semi-Gods.
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    A very nice and heart touching statement indeed. A blood donor makes his contribution from the heart and thus his blood is utilized for the transfusion required by needy person who are in emergency of their life and death mode. In that situation those who are coming forward to give blood donation are really doing a noble cause and they are surely a God sent and half doctor. I can understand the need of the blood for a patient. Some times even the blood banks run out of stock and they would be having anxious moments to gather blood for the needy patients. Though many organizations are organizing the blood donation camp now and then, but they are selling them for a big price. So the genuine patient is not getting the blood for free. So what I suggest that when ever blood is required, the relatives must cooperate and adjust for the blood from their own donation to avoid problems to procure blood elsewhere.
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    Donating blood is no doubt a very noble act but to say that blood donors are half doctors would sincerely amount to exaggeration unlimited. A doctor is a person who is skilled in the science of medicine and is qualified to treat those who are ill and all those who are ill does not require blood as part of the treatment. Even otherwise, with due respect, those who donate blood are just supporting the treatment and is in no way connected to the process. If that be the case what should we call the nurses? Imaginations can of course run wild but I think we need to put a stop where logic comes to an end.
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    I believe blood donating is a very good deed a human can perform for another human and save his/her life and so the donor should be appreciated also but I don't think this can be compared to a Doctor in anyway.
    Since a Doctor pledges to save the life of a patient through out his life and for getting knack and skill of life saving he studies a lot and goes under tough training with so much of perseverance and patience.
    Both a Donor and Doctor perform their function for human life in different ways and has their own role to play in the process of saving a life.

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