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    Our success may be important to others for comment, but getting satisfied is must for us.

    When we do something or achieve something unique, the success is appreciated by others and those who are close to us would certainly watch our successful path in every endeavor and they even pat us at back. But that is not needed for us. What we want is the real satisfaction in our heart and soul on achieving or accomplishing any task or target we should have done that with much satisfaction. Many artists who would do many sketches wont get satisfied unless and until the work touch their heart but for others each sketch is the great achievement..
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    Rightly said, success is to be ascertained with respect to the originally allocated goals and objectives. Outside people can not understand it in that perspective.

    When a person tries hard for certain objectives and gets partial success he may not be satisfied though outside people will be congratulating him. He will be in fact pondering over the reasons and deficiencies responsible for a limited success in his endeavour. He is not happy with his achievements which are below his expectations.

    So definitely until unless we ourselves are not satisfied with our performances and success obtained there is no point in taking the congratulations of friends and relatives on their face value.

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    Everybody will set their goals in life and work hard for achieving the same. But you can't reach the goal at one step. You have to climb many steps to reach your goal. But each step you climb is a partial success to you. People noticing this will congratulate. It will act as a motivation to climb further steps. Motivation is very important for success.

    Lord Krishna is the charioteer for Arjuna. He motivated him and helped him in every moment of war and made him to succeed. Salya is the charioteer for Karna. He used to criticize Karna always and used to down grade him always. This is also a factor which caused defeat of Kauravas. So motivation is very important for one to reach his goal.

    This will add up to the determination of the Individual for attaining the success.

    always confident

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    Achieving the goal is success. But what are the goals set by us are n't known by others.Others congratulate us encourage us.But only we know ,how much we achieved.One of my student passed with flying color ,I congratulated him and said you got good marks ,He said Mam,I don't care these marks,My dream is to qualify in IIT exam.I was surprised, he was in school ,he dreamed for IIT. Some times we ignore the success we get in going ahead achieving the goals.We always want for a big success.But small successes are the bases of big achievement.We should enjoy after achieving small steps also.
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    We get satisfaction when others appreciate our work and efforts . If one works for self satisfaction, then he will not or need not show it to others. He can keep it exclusive. private and secret.
    Generally anyone who puts efforts and hard work expects some kind of compensation. It may be money, appreciation or some other way of rewards and compensation.
    Only after getting these one may work for self satisfaction exclusively.

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    Small progress made in between on the path to achieve big success is also the matter of satisfaction for us.
    K Mohan
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