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    Why politicians turn arrogant at public places and harrass public servants. Are they above law ?

    Often we come across high handedness of politicians at public places and they behave rudely with the government staff either at hospitals, Railway stations or even at Airports. The recent worst behavior of a MP belonging to a regional party in Maharastra against the employee of government airline who slapped him for 25 times for not providing the desired seat. The arrogance displayed by the MP was highly needs condemnation and the Airline has rightly black listed the so called MP. Why politicians behave such arrogantly without even respecting the law and human rights. ?
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    The concerned politician must be under the influence of liquor. Who knows? They are not above law. They should be booked and dealt as per law. In such a situation, for the 25 slaps, a single slap should have been returned boldly by the affected or by the public.
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    I don't think all politicians will turn arrogant in public always. If at all they do that they should be treated like any other person as per law.Then only this kind of incidents will not happen.
    Already many of the MPs/MLAs are showing their arrogance in parliament/ assembly.They are quarreling with each other and beating each other. If they try to do the same thing in public, one should not allow and definitely a case is to be filed.

    Once Rajiv Gandhi came to Hyderabad. Mr. Anjiah, the then Chief Minister of AP gone to Airport to receive him, as Rajiv is the son of the then PM. Mr. Rajiv misbehaved with him and about beat him. Anjiah tolerated because he was the son of PM at that time.

    This kind of incidents give a very bad opinion about the politicians. Of course this arrogance we are seeing in many people, many places not alone with politicians. However politicians should behave more docile as they are public persons.

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    Now the latest news says that the so called MP wont relent nor tender applogy for his arrogance and on the other hand Air India has banned him from traveling in future.
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