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    Why the economic condition of the farmers is very poor in India?

    Every day when I turn the newspaper, I happen to see some death news of the farmers who have committed suicide at various parts of India due to poverty. It is very pathetic to see the worse situation of the Indian farmers. Not all the farmers are economically poor in India, but the major people involved in farming are facing lot of economic struggles in their daily life. To free from their poverty, some farmers have already sold their valuable agricultural lands to the real estate brokers and are doing daily wages jobs at cities and towns. Lot of agricultural lands are now turning into corporate areas and lot of buildings and apartments are found at the fresh green farming lands in the village areas. Is our society and our government ignoring the hard work of the Indian farmers and pushing them into poverty?

    The common people who are eating the food produced by the farmers are leading a happy and a comfortable life in India but the economic situation of the cultivators who cultivate that food for the benefit of others is very poor. Why is it so? Why the economic condition of the farmers is very poor in India? Is it because of lack of education and less awareness about the global marketing policies and technology?

    I agree, climatic conditions are one of the major reasons for poverty. But other than the natural changes, what are the reasons for the poor economic condition of the farmers in India?

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    Really farmers are struggling a lot. They put money on the field in open atmosphere and take all troubles to see that the crop is coming well. But there is no guarantee of return of his money to him. Any moment natural calamities can destroy the crop. Now a days people talk about crop insurance. But I don't know how much a real farmer is getting benefited

    For getting the work done he has to hire people and machines. Now a days they have become very costly. I have practically seen in the villages, farmer has to provide breakfast and lunch for the people he is hiring. He has to pay on an average 400 rupees per head. With all this the person will work for maximum 5 to 6 hours a day.

    Even after getting all this done and producing the grains. he will not have a proper place to store them. So he will sell it to a middleman immediately as per the existing rate on that day. The middleman will store and bring it to the market when the rates are high. So the actual producer is getting low price and the consumer is paying high amount. The middlemen are getting good amount of money. Government should come out with a mechanism for creating store houses and make a system to sell the material in the market directly by the farmer. Then there may be sum relief to him. In Hyderabad a coconut costs about 30 rupees. If you go to the actual farmers place the cost they are getting is around 4 or 5 rupees only.

    The middle man system has to go.

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    India is an agricultural country but it is unfortunate that the condition of farmers is not good. The farmers do hard work but the main profit is made by the middlemen who take farm produce from the farmers at a very low rate and pass it on to town or city markets at a good price. In towns and cities the whole sellers grab all the things and pass it to retailers at a high price. Finally it reaches the hands of customers at a significant price. In this process the middlemen mint money while farmer is left in his pitiable condition.
    The scale of operations is very large and though Govt does some efforts here and there through cooperatives or Govt controled markets but still it is long way for a farmer to get genuine price for his product.
    The input cost in agriculture force the farmers to take loan and if they do not get a good price it is not possible them to repay it and many of the honest farmers are suffering in this cycle.
    Until unless farmers sell their products directly in the market, situation may not improve.
    It will require a massive overhauling of the system from Govt side and new methods will have to be searched empowering farmers through local bodies for selling at market rate.

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    One of the reason is subdivision and fragmentation. Lands are divided into segments due to partition between parents and sons, among brothers and thereby the fertility and cultivation become difficult to have proper irrigation etc., due to chaos with one another. Thereby the farmers unable to process their cultivation regularly and become poor without any yield in due course. Instead the cooperation is required between the family members to unite themselves for irrigation and cultivation. If the fragmentation is there the unity is halved further and further and others made them to fight further and split the land further and further.
    Besides this, the crush to the farmers from government middlemen side as well rich and politically influenced people for not getting proper guides and amenities as declared by the government.

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    What I feel that unlike a strong association for the Industries, there is no strong representation for the farmers at National level. Indian farmers were at the mercy of nature and when it plays havoc, he becomes the immediate target. Our farmers are not rich and heavily depend on crop loans from the banks. And to their misfortune the banks wont give loans to them that easily and thus they approach the micro finance organizations in the village level who charge much interest. Thus a farmer with poor produce due to poor seed quality, not able to get the right price at the market committee, has to compromise on rates through heavy brokerage to middleman has to end up with loss. I have seen tomato farmers dumping the entire crop in front of the market yard for not getting the right price. So farmers should have strong union to fight for their cause.
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