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    Residential schools for children - good or bad

    Residential schools have become quite common these days and children at a very young age are put into residential schools. When asked, parents say they have sent their ward to residential school so that the child can learn discipline and some others say that the child should learn to adjust and manage things on his own.
    But managing things on our own and discipline can be learnt from our house itself and even schools will give their best lessons to make the child disciplined.
    By going to residential school, won't the child lose the love and affection from his parents? Are residential schools really necessary?
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    I am against the concept of sending children to the Residential school and it portrays negatively on the nurturing capacity of the parents. That means the parents have not fully understood the child, his requirements, his preference nor they try to study what he wants and what were his expectations. From my personal experience of seeing the children in residential schools, what I found that they have become more arrogant, not caring the parents even visiting the campus once and they fail to turn up even during holidays and thus a bonding between parents and children is lost. By the way children who are in growing up stage needs the attention of parents at every walk of their growth.. This is the time they need care and attention and while reaching their adolescent age they get diverted. So parents care must and not residential school.
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    It is not advisable children to send to residential schools before they complete at least SSC.
    I know children who got completely spoiled because staying in residential schools for education.

    Children are more susceptible to easy going. They will get very much attached to their friends. They don't know whom to select.They get attracted towards bad habits. Individual care is not there in hostels. Parents will be taking care of their children very carefully. They keenly follow them about their moments, studies and behavior. They will be cautioning him and warning him if they found any slight inclination to unwanted habits.

    Additionally if the child is with parents, parents can have a better understanding of his needs, requirements, fashions and desires. So he can be encouraged to shape himself as a better tomorrow's citizen.

    So keep children with you till they are mature enough to understand this world.

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    I am a person who advocates that children should be always with their parents during their education , as far as possible.
    It is only when there is pressing need, and no other better alternative that children should be put in residential schools.

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    It depends on an individual. On the bright side, it will make an individual self-reliant, handy, good communicator and gives him discipline. On the dark side though, when he/she gets influenced by her not so well-mannered friends, they can't resist. But the friendship between hostelers is far more stronger and long-lived. Because they lived together and faced both ups and downs together.
    Also, residential students grow up to be quite strong and athletic.

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    All the parents are not having capability as well as capacity to train their children and bring up them in a good environment so if they can afford they send their children to residential schools and wash their hands off except sending money regularly.
    It is something like hiring a servant for your own work.

    The children require their parents during the tender age for nurturing of various faculties and overall growth. The love and affection in a home is absent in a residential school.

    When children grow up they can go out and live in hostels or guest houses and are exposed to outside world and will naturally learn all aspects of life there.

    Sending them to hostels in early age is no way helpful for the. It is only the excuse parents are putting forward.

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    According to me this thought is neither a good nor a bad but surely a worst one. The Hostel system itself introduced only for those who are studying in the institution from outside. But the residential schooling system is just polluting our heredity of Joint Living (already slowly decaying), devotion to parents(slowly decaying),attachment to relations(slowly decaying). Many real visitors from other countries appreciating our culture of this type but we are blindly following other country culture which is just opposite to ours. This is another way of killing patriotism. By seeing such things we are forced to think to the level as freedom fighting itself a waste effort by our seniors. On the one way the British people never ruined our culture, I believe.

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