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    MP abused Air India staff in recent event , is it justified?

    You must be reading recent news of MP abused Air India Duty manager for not providing business class in Pune to Delhi flight. Is it justified behavior and what actions you can think of happening or taking in future to avoid such incidents? Considering political party of MP supporting current government , will there be any action happening?
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    Politicians who got elected through people votes feel that they are above the law and many of them behave in such a manner that law cannot abide them and they can go Scott free. But in these days of modern gadgets and smart phones available in every hand, the highhandedness of any person cannot be set aside by merely stating that he not made any mistake. The incidence recorded live was viral in social media and it does point out the dadagiri of the MP from regional party who abused the Air India staff and even beat one person 25 times. Surely action would be taken and the Parliament session is on. Now the so called MP has no other go but to face the wrath of the Parliament as many of other leaders from various parties have condemned his high handedness. Let us wait and see what punishment he gets from Parliament side and also Party.
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    The topic is already under discussion in this thread. Avi, please spare some time to go through the latest forum index before raising a thread so that we don't get to have multiple threads on the same topic remaining active at the same time. I am locking this thread.
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