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    Is it time for NRI to come back India and invest knowledge in Indian economy?

    There are lot of incidents or threats happening with Indian nations abroad. Even VISA and travel bans indirectly impacting Indian Business. Do you think it is time for NRI to come back India and invest knowledge in Indian economy? Most foreign companies have Indian talent presence, do you think now they have to react on ongoing travelling policy changes? Is there scope for Indian talent abroad to bloom in India and venture new now?
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    Nice mention from the author. Every year Indian government holds the NRI meet and in that so many of them express their pleasure and preference to come back to the country and invest for the good of all. But those were seems to be for the sake of media and publicity. When other countries are benefited with the contributions of our NRI's why our Nation should not have the first right. I think the greatest initiative taken by PM Modi like Start up, Make in India, Made in India would certainly induce them to consider coming back to country sooner or later. If every NRI looks after their own birth place town or village, just imagine what would be the growth rate of India and the poor residing in those places would certainly get better benefits and their standards of living would also increase.
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    Yes. It is time for NRI to come back to India and do something good to the country. Earlier days, in our country employment opportunities are less. In addition to that the reservation policies of the country making many intellectuals to go to other countries for their earnings. Many settled in other countries. Many Indians are working in senior positions in very big multinational companies. Many of them earned good money.

    Now with the new policies of our government and initiatives like make in India, start ups etc., there are very good chances for people to start their own companies here. Many foreign investors are coming for doing their business here. NRI should also think about their ventures in India so that their mother land will get benefited. Many state governments are giving incentives for companies.

    The conditions in other countries are not very conducive now. So it is time for NRI to come and do some thing for their motherland without any personal loss to them.

    always confident

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