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    On just hearing the word "caste", why everyone start playing politics?

    Every political party these days try to show that they are on the side of lower castes and in proving this point they stoop to any level. They don't even want to give a little space to other thoughts and consider all other people trying to put forward their thought as suppressor of freedom.

    Just came to know that a new commission is going to be setup for backward classes. These pseudo supporters of lower castes come forward and try to convince the people that the ruling party is trying to stop reservation and trying to suppress rights of various castes who come under reservation.

    Do you find anything wrong in forming a new commission for castes? Don't you think this system in India needs a inspection?
    What is your stand on the issue of formation of new bodies and commission to inspect condition of various castes in India?
    Are you a rational thinker or a pseudo supporter of caste based politics?
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    Political Parties have only one issue of caste.They ask votes on the basis of castes.But they should n't divide the society on the basis of castes.So, nothing wrong in forming a new commission to study and inspect the castes condition of India.It is necessary to inspect the conditions of various castes of India.After inspection the result will get the reservation should n't be given on the basis of castes.But it should be given on the basis of economical conditions.
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    Each and every political parties are under compulsions to side with certain castes and they are bound to make poll promises to mitigate their problems and also increase their reservations. But we must understand that under no circumstances the parties increase the over all reservation to more than 50 percent and that is the order of Supreme court too. So if any party is making promise for more reservations, then they are fooling the voters as eventually their motive would be stopped by the court and they can blame it on court not accepting the proposal of increased reservations.
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