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    Sanskrit is a Regional language of India or Foreign Language - Let us discuss

    Dear ISCian,
    There is a big doubt about the language Sanskrit. Is Sanskrit a foreign language to Indians or a regional language of India?

    Let us discuss and clear our doubt to arrive at a conclusion to fill the blank

    Sanskrit is a/an..........................................language
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    What I feel that Sanskrit is the Regional language of India mostly concentrated with the four highly popular languages of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. When you take old Upanishads. Naalayira Divyaprabhandham which glorifes the acts of every Alwars, surely the mentions are in Sanskrit. Even Ramayana, Mahabharatha , are in Sanskrit format. Over the period most of the works done in Sanskrit are translated and even made in some foreign languages. Even today students from Russia are mastering over Sanskrit and they are doing research on slokas.
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    I must say, by all means and present evidences it's safe to assume that Sanskrit is a foreign language. And the fact that Russian, Chinese, Persian and German sounds eerily similar to Sanskrit, makes Sanskrit one of the oldest languages and traces it's origin to Central Asia.
    But to call Sanskrit a regional language, it must be spoken in Indian regions first right? I mean in the purest form.
    There aren't many states, where people still converse in Sanskrit. So it is not a regional language.
    And moreover you would be happy to know that atleast 45% of "English" words have Sanskrit roots.
    Doesn't that make Sanskrit a foreign language again?

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    I agree with Aditya that it should be treated as foreign language as people often link it with Aryans and Aryans are supposed to come to India from other land.

    Also in the present context, none of the state has this language as their language and hence cannot be taken it as regional language and also surprised to note only in foreign land, this language is taught for want of learning its rich knowledge as a source of scientific instead of mere chanting of matra and hence in that sense too we can say now it is a foreign language only. Even after we know that it is taught good in elsewhere land, Indians are not wiling to learn compared to German, French or Japanese.

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    Once a devotee approached Holi shri chandrasekarendra saraswathi, seer of Kanchi Sankara Matt and told during his permitted Darshan time that as many slokas, etc., written in sanskrit it is difficult to understand and doubt arises whether they are telling correct thing. For this with smile and silently called another visitor who was in the side of the devotee (who was also a devotee) near to him and asked to show the paper roll he hold.The person also immediately unrolled the paper and as that was a building plan started explained about the building construction. He was explaining that stairs are here, entrance is here etc., Acharya calmly asked the first devotee to see the building plan and asked whether he could understand anything from the plan and on receiving negative reply, Sankaracharya told, see, the plan is having just lines this side and that side I am also not understanding anything but this man as if knows everything telling that the lines are windows, entrance etc., How could we believe. such doubt arises is it not. The man studied for that and we are all obliging his words. Similarly slokas etc., written in sanskrit also. If we learn sanskrit we can understand everything easily. As the sanskrit was the spoken language in those days, they wrote everything in sanskrit as we are all now writing many things in English rather than other language.
    Next, the sanskrit is our oldest language and still in many villages the sanskrit is spoken and can be cleared through
    Moreover though born in a Muslim religion our Dr.Abdul Kalam was a learned man of sankskrit and he was very much cleared himself that our sanskrit manuals contains many treasure valued information.

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    Mr. Pattabhi,
    The question is whether Sanskrit is a foreign imported language or already existing regional language of India. Start with your comments as to what is Sanskrit to Indians.

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    Sanskrit is the origin of Indian languages and there was a time when it flourished across the Indian sub continent and the scriptures and other religious books were written in Sanskrit. The origin of Sanskrit is put somewhere near 2000 BC when it started to appear in script form. It was known as 'The language of Gods'.

    Things changed with time and depending upon geographic area, tribe culture, invasion by invaders, closed communities, lack of communication and transport between kingdoms and various other factors the different languages and their scripts evolved independently but the root of languages being Sanskrit, all the languages had Sanskrit words and part words in common. The Sanskrit was left behind by the common masses as easier languages became available for daily routines.

    So today Sanskrit is not a regional language in India but the Indian students as well as some foreign students are working in research projects in Sanskrit. There is huge literature available in Sanskrit and that is the reason it has attracted scholars all over the world.

    So it is at the same time not a foreign language also as foreign scholars are only coming to learn it due to its huge collection of scriptures full of spiritual and ancient wisdom and knowledge.

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    Kindly read my summary. All respondents should post their views and need to conclude and fill in the blank as appropriate.

    Sanskrit is a/an................................language.

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    Sanskrit is an Indo-European language, specifically it is a branch of the Indo-Iranian group. It is the ancient language of the Vedas of Hinduism, texts compiled over the period of the mid-2nd to mid-1st millennium BCE. It was orally preserved, before the advent of Brahmi script by many centuries.

    Sanskrit is considered the origin of most of the North Indian languages. It has also deeply influenced the Drabisidan languages. So, without an iota of doubt, it is a pan-Indian language.

    We must resist the views of so-called liberals who call Sanskrit a foreign language, a regional language or a dead language. The view of so-called liberals is nothing but a deep-rooted controversy to belittle everything Indian.

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    I think Sanskrit is a Regional Language.The Upnishad ,Mahabharta and Ramayana have been written in Sanskrit.
    I think it is the mother of all languages.The shloka of Sanskrit are in Vedas.Vedas had been written in Earliest time.Although no one knows which language is the oldest ,I think it is Sanskrit,which is the language of people of Aryavart.

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    Mrs. Indu Singh: How can you say that Sanskrit is a regional language? Is it confined to a small region?
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    Ms Indu Singh,
    India is divided into many regions based on the language spoken by the people belonging to the area. We don't have any North, East, West or South regions. We have about 29 states. We do divide and call India as North India and South India having Aryans and Dravidians respectively. Can you tell us which is that Indian state or region that speaks Sanskrit?

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