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    An illiterate earns a good sum and remains happy while an educated not

    An illiterate or under graduate earns a good sum daily whereas an highly educated finds it difficult to earn some sum daily. For e.g, A labour ( just to lift and place) working in a construction company has a daily regular income of not less than Rs. 500 per day. Even if they opt to buy something from the wholesale market and sell it in retail, they earn good profit. The pity is - the highly educated graduate or a post graduate finds it difficult to earn some sum as they expect only the job fitting their academics. They all expect a government job to get in. They are paid very low by private companies. Thus an illiterate remains happy while an educated remains unhappy.

    Am I correct? Do you disagree?
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    The main reason for earning potential by illiterate better than literate persons that they wont shy for any kind of job and their aim is to earn money. But learned persons wont chose the job of less importance and for him right job with right salary is more important. A labour can work for 8 hours and gets the wage of 500 with style. Whereas some educated are not even earning 500 the whole day. All depends on the attitude. What I feel that for survival one should not shy. If the money is the criteria even work other than what we thought or eligible should be accepted to live in happy.
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    I would say skill is more important than education here. A man of skill can survive anywhere. And you must know how and when to make money. Education doesn't teach that to you. Opportunities are recognized by an individual only. We work hard for years to earn a degree. A degree which can't even help you secure a job. You must have focused on the practical skills instead.
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    There is an old notion in society that educated person should earn more than the illiterate. This is not true in reality. A businessman can earn many times more than an educated person. An educated person can also be a successful businessman. Education is not the pre requisite for earning.

    An educated person feels shy in doing menial jobs. This can change if education is skill oriented and teaches practical aspects instead of all academic things.

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    It is advisable not to link education and earnings. An illiterate may be selling fruits on the roads and making money. But an educated can't do that job. . One should use his skills and education for the betterment of Organisation, society and nation. Earnings may as per your work and efficiency. So never compare your earnings and education. A worker in a factory working for a long period may be getting more salary than graduate engineer newly joined.

    Unfortunately we don't have very good jobs available for educated people. A lecturer in a private college is earning very less when compared to a lecturer in a government college. But this man don't go for selling fruits for higher income. Probably this is dignity of labor.

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