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    After retirement should we help our wives in household chores?

    Do you think men should assist in housework after retirement? Share your own interesting views here!

    Till a person is retired he does not give much attention to household jobs and other peripheral works which were being taken care by his wife.

    After retirement if he does not join another job, he is practically available in the house and can contribute in some of the routine works to help his wife.

    Members may give their valuable opinion whether he should offer to share some of the household jobs or just remain glued to his smartphone and computer.
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    All retired people are not same. Many people, after their retirement have their own problems. Many retired people seek re-employment to make good their lives. The pension they receive may not be sufficient to pull on their life. Their children may not be supporting them. Instead, children might take away the pension earned by their parents to make their life easy. Hence, they look for a job. Despite all the above facts, a retired gentlemen should help his wife in domestic affairs, from cutting vegetable to washing clothes . A happy retiree should plan his daily routine by allotting some time to help his wife, as she also must be old enough to do the household works.
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    Those who has the health and time can and should share at least some household chores with spouse. What and how can be of their own mutual understanding and convenience. After all, it is for one's own family.
    I for one, do that. I am not able to specify or quantify that.

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    There is nothing wrong if a retired person helps his spouse in household work. A little help will be more than enough for a wife as even she will need rest. Moreover there are many working women who manage both the household and the office work so if possible husband should help her as much as he can even without waiting for his retirement. It is their family and their house so sharing the work and doing it together will give a nice experience and good understanding between the spouses.

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    Even before retirement, I have to help my wife in household chores. The daily and weekly marketing is being done by me from time immemorial (i.e., since November, 1999). All the heavy furnitures. suitcases, etc. are placed and displaced by yours faithfully. Moreover, in absence of maid, sometime I have to cook and clean. Yesterday was one such day.
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    Why only after retirement, In fact every husband must be helpful to the wife in daily chores and that will ease her work very fast and also have the satisfaction of inclusive participation by her husband. One thing is sure, If you help your wife daily, she will definitely reveal the same to others and that will get you good name in the society. After retirement, one may feel taking rest and let the children work for them. But for some every day is the free day and they would love to work for the children. I am from my side always help the wife and be the part of daily chores even from day one.
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    I think you need not help your wife to get a good name in the society. I feel every husband should help his wife even during he is in service also. House wife will be doing multiple tasks in the morning. She gets up very early to make all arrangements to the children to go to school and to her husband to go to office. All the others will get up late and start getting ready and in that pursuit they disturb many times the house wife for small small works. Even then she will do all the things perfectly and on time to each and every one. She requires husband help during this period. So husband should also get up early and try to help her small small things so that she will not have heavy tension. Once you practice this you will get habituated to help her and you will continue to help her after your retirement .
    I love helping my wife in her daily routine.

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    Helping your wife in the daily household chores reinforces your commitment towards sharing life with mutual love and care. I agree with some of the responses above that we need not wait till retirement to be of help to our wife in taking care of our home. A bit of help from the side of her partner will definitely ease out the burden on the lady and she will feel happy and satisfied that you understand the difficulties a homemaker face. It should be done as a matter of responsibility and should not be construed as a part of one's duty or for the sake of convincing the other side that you are concerned. Sharing the workload, especially in the morning hours, can help in making your day!
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    I do recall up the days when I faced a lot of inconvenience in my duty in steel plant because of a shift roaster of an unpredictable nature and entire credit in bringing up the children goes to my wife. She definitely worked like a machine and there was no complaint whatsoever because of my inability to share her burden. My retirement made her definitely happy when she saw me doing all the domestic work which I did not attend for years such as making some dishes of her liking, bringing milk in the morning hours from the milk- man, attending the grocery - shop for monthly - rationing. In fact, she does not command me but my involvement in the house hold job give her immense satisfaction.

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