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    What are the vegetables that can be reared at home itself keeping in view the rising cost ?

    Come summer the cost of vegetables sore and it wont come down. To rear vegetables lots of water is required and constant care has to be taken from animals or insects destroying the same. Some of us have Independent house and with some open space for little cultivation and some may have even roof top gardens. Kindly suggest which vegetables can be nurtured fast and get the yield quickly so that we can get rid of soaring vegetable prices in summer. Members who are having experience on this can respond.
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    Myself being a garden-lover, am responding to this thread. You can grow many of the vegetables in the backyard of your house i.e kitchen garden. Or you can even grow a kitchen garden on the terrace in case of space crunch. You can do so by following some simple tips for terrace gardening.

    Some of the plants that can be easily grown are tomatoes, bitter gourd (karela), cilantro (coriander), green chillies etc. While plants like ladies finger (okra / bhindi), brinjal (egg plant), tindora (dondakaya in Telugu), cucumber are few vegetables which needs some care for growing. Sorry members for the regional language, mentioned it in Telugu for Mohan to understand.

    You can also grow leafy veggies like sorrel leaves (gongura), methi leaves etc in your kitchen garden.

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    I think, we can cultivate or grow (not rear) most of the small size vegetables in our kitchen garden or terrace Viz Brinjal, Ladies finger, chilly, bitter guard, tomato, lettuce, all types of beans, green leafy vegetables, provided we have the soil and sufficient place for them to grow.
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    If you have space you can grow practically all vegetables in your garden. I have said this on previous occasions that I maintained a container garden on my terrace. I used normal terracotta pots to successfully grow a variety of vegetables. For most veggies, it takes approximately two months from the time of sowing to harvesting the yield. Greens like spinach (palak), fenugreek (methi) etcetera grow faster.

    The only thing that I had a problem with (and most first time gardeners have a problem with) is cilantro (coriander/hara dhaniya). Everything else grows rather easily, without much effort. Mint and green chillies are the easiest to grow.

    1. I suggest you buy hybrid seeds. These grow faster and provide lots of veggies
    2. Fertilise the soil properly – a mix of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, popularly known as NPK
    3. Feed fruit bearing plants a potassium rich fertiliser as it is essential for them to bud, flower and fruit. By fruit bearing, I mean vegetables as well
    4. Plant marigold (genda flowers) and garlic (lasun) around the garden as they keep away most bugs
    5. Keep squirrels away by sprinkling red chilli powder around plants or create a greenhouse
    6. You will need to stake tomato plants – give them support. Also, all climbers (beans and gourds etcetera) can be planted close to the building so they get the support they need to grow
    7. If you have an independent house you can use the terrace too for your kitchen garden. Use pots the way I did
    8. Ensure that the space you use for gardening receives at least 5-6 hours of sunlight
    9. I also grew fruit trees in pots - guava, lemon, custard apple and sapota etcetera

    If you need further guidance please send me a message.

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    If open place is available with independent house, that place can be utilized for growing vegetable plants and flower plants also. Now a days flowers are also very costly. My wife is very much interested in this gardening. We have some place in front of my house and back side also as well. she planted many flower plants and also vegetable plants. Bribnjal, Mirchi, Ladies fingers(bhindi), tomato, beans and other leafy vegetables. She takes care of the plants. Once we have a flair for this we do a better nurturing and yields will be good. We also have some bonsai trees and they are grown in pots. It takes lot of time for Bonsai growing. But very good habit and we can do some service to environment also.
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