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    Diabetic care during pregnancy

    There are possibilities about the diabetic condition during pregnancy in some ladies. Aggressive steps can be taken in such situations to avoid future problems.
    • The way to find out this initially by testing the sugar level in one hour of consuming 50 grams of glucose. If the DL level is of 140 mg, the chances of diabetic during pregnancy is there.
    • The finding out and controlling the sugar level in the initial stage is better one to avoid the diabetise in child also.
    • Food style of such diabetic patients during the pregnancy are as follows:
    • 7.00 am: one glass of milk, wheat rusk or wheat bread of two slices, badam nuts (soaked)
    • 9.00 am: Idli/dosa/chapatti(roti) /wheat bread with peanut butter/wheat upma. Side dish chutni made of tomato/coriander leaves/brinjal or moong dhal sambar. White portion of two eggs, one cup of soup or curd
    • 11.00 am: vegetable soup sugarless lemon juice
    • 1.30 pm: Plain rice one cup, three chapattis, dhal,vegetable koottu, fish kuzhambu, one cup of curd
    • 2.00 pm: one glass buttermilk
    • 4.30 pm: two small methi rotis, Poga upma with vegetables or one cup sundal or bread pieces plus one cup of tea or milk
    • 6.15 pm: 15 minutes of walking
    • 8.00 pm: three millet or wheat rotis or three dosa with vegetables, one glass of milk
    • Users of non-vegetarian items can take Chicken or fish kuzhambu weekly twice only.
    • Avoid Potato, yam, sweet potato and beetroot
    • As all fruit juices increase the sugar level immediately they should be avoided
    • Avoid Palm sugar, jaggary, sugar, Ice cream, fried items of any type, cool drinks and honey

    The above is suggested by a diabetic specialist of Madurai.

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    While the author has given time schedule for the pregnancy women who are diabetic in nature and I am afraid following such strict timing may not be possible. By the way taking the same type of routine food on daily basis becomes boring and not every pregnant women would follow the same. Being pregnant they always have the wish to taste different food and for which they would go to any extent of even eating outside. The taste buds would induce them to nourish different food during pregnancy period and that wish cannot be subsidized nor regretted. So it is the will power that can save them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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