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    Summer is on the way – precautions for children

    As we are nearing summer, the precautions to face the same in respect of ourselves are expected but the more expectations to be placed for children. The following are:

    1. The possible diseases in children during summer are Dehydration, urinal infection, loss of appetite, small pox, skin disorders etc.,

    2. We can give them vegetables contains more water like pumpkin, chowchow, cucumber added in cooking daily. Besides we can provide them with tender coconut, buttermilk, fruit juice, palm water, etc., by preventing bottled juices or drinks which are normally interested by them. As the possibility of indigestion is high during this season in them , we should avoid the food items which are not digesting easily.

    3. We can use cotton or Khadi dresses during summer. Jeans, Polyester dresses are not easily sucking the sweating of the body and the dresses of such types should be avoided.

    4. They are interested to play outside during the summer. We have to avoid this situation to the possible extent and we can advice them to play in the evening when the sun set is starting.

    5. We should avoid giving them refrigerated water on any account during the summer. Instead we can keep a big earthen pot with good water in the corner of the hall and make them to use the pot water whenever required. As the pots are keeping the water with 'Reverse osmosis' method, the natural cool can be availed from the pot water.
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    Good initiative from the author author for giving tips as to how to protect the children from the scorching heat during the forthcoming summer. In Hyderabad the temperature is already reading at 40 degrees in March end itself and that means scorching heat wave is possible. Children are vulnerable to prickly heat which bothers them very much. Though many powders are available in the market nothing is trust worthy. Is there any home remedy to prevent and avoid prickly heat. For small pox neem leaves are the best to get rid of irritation and for prickly heat what is the way to bail out ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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