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    While in the ISC forums, what do you do when you don't have a thread to post or a thread to respond?

    A genuine question to ask You - While in the ISC forums, what do you do if you don't have a topic to create a thread to post or any interesting thread to respond?

    What I generally do is - I get into youtube and search for old melodious famous hit songs and listen to it, and come back to ISC forum to check whether there was any interesting thread posted by other members to respond, and repeat the same to avoid getting bored. These days, the frequency of interesting forum threads generated by members are comparatively very less than the past when I had no time to respond to threads.

    Members, What about YOU?
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    From my side when there is no active or interesting thread appearing in forum or my quota of submission is exhausted I shall visit the Article section and try to submit replies to main resources appearing on first page. Now a days I find more articles on school or college information and that forces me to go for post response section which will take me to one by one articles of many nature. In that I shall select the article which is comfortable for me to respond instantly. That way I shall complete one or two responses and by that time surely one or two new threads would have appeared in the forum.
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