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    Do you need to pay if you take the name of winners?

    I am surprised when I see such congratulations message just as formality. Why?

    When you don't even care who are the winners what make you to response in such thread?

    "congratulations to all the winners " If you can type such long sentence I am surprised why not you can take the names?

    Think again, Do you reply to such threads just for formality or you really care for the winners? Or you just want to get few points. Whatever, it is totally your choice but please just don't reply as formalities, no one care for it. I repeat No one care for it so it is better for you to stop earning few points. If you really care for winners, name it else we ( the winners don't care you).

    It's really sad that even editors just response for formality?
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    I am totally agreeing to the author. While congratulating the winners, it is customary to mention the name and say something good about the winner. From my side I am always following this rule. I shall congratulate the main winner with best wishes and a word of applause for the special or other winners. This way we are sending positive signals to those who have won the contest. Even when the winners are announced on the stage, they have to tell the name and get applause, like wise the members should response with the winner name and say something about the great achievement and that matters most.
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    There is no need to mention the names of winners by repeating it. A member posting a simple congratulatory message without mentioning the name doesn't earn points but zero. Anyone reading the thread will first go through the thread summary, know the winners and read the follow up responses. In fact, no one cares about the congratulatory message from the members except the winners.

    According to me, A simple congratulation from their good heart would suffice. No one expects any payment for it. The winners need not take it so seriously.

    It is a customary that the winners who received congratulatory messages should honour them by posting a single message thanking the members for their congratulatory messages. Is there anyone following it seriously and sincerely? It is a serious lapse on the part of the winners who don't care the thread after getting their prizes.

    @ I really wonder why one should get angry on this petty issue which affects no one. Angry is a destructive word that is not desired by us. If a person gets angry on such things, life will be very difficult for him on this good earth.

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    Sun, thanks for the correction, I have deleted the word "angry". I was typing it through mobile may be because of that it happen. Everyone have their own opinion and what I felt I have wrote it. I didn't ask anybody to agree with me. However, I liked the way when someone mentioned the name. It is up to you whether you really feel to congratulate or just to write as a formalities. Choice is yours.

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    When we are the winner we like each and every congratulatory post by the members and whether it is coming from their hearts or formal is difficult to distinguish from the black and white.

    However mentioning names is definitely a better gesture as it gives a feeling of personal touch.

    Sometimes thrill of getting congratulated is more than that of winning.

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    Good that you have softened your words. Posting a congratulatory message is a heartfelt formality at ISC. The winners announcement is to inform the winners as well as to keep the other members informed. No one is expected to congratulate. But the contest author request the members to join him to congratulate the winners. It is upto the members whether to join the author and congratulate the winners or not. Generally, at ISC, all members are educated and they feel it as a courtesy and privilege to congratulate the winners in general or in particular. This is a point scoring technique to spell all the names of the winners with special words of appreciation. Mere congratulation without names is not a formality or point scoring technique.

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