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    Be a great warrior and fight with your soul

    Human being is the greatest creation of the God. We have two things physical body and soul. We always take care of our physical body. We always try to keep it clean from all the dirt. We always wear cleaned and good clothes. Always try to look smart. Do we really try to keep our soul pure from all type of evils? As we try to keep our physical body clean from all types of impurities, likewise, be a great warrior and fight with your soul which always try to carry you on an evil path.
    So always try to pure your soul from all the evils.

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    There are many human beings who don't try to keep their body clean due to shortage of water, time etc. In the same way there are people who have no time to clean themselves to get the impurities formed in their mind. People go to temples, churches, mosques and other religious places to clean their soul. Few don't try to clean their body as well as souls. We can't help. The pure remains pure and evil remains as evil. Only God should help them to be clean.
    No life without Sun

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    Yes Mr. Sun you are right. But its our habit that we care our body more instead of our soul. People who goes to temple, church, mosque and other religious places for prayer they first clean their body. They take bath before prayer.
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    We need not clean our body before getting into a place of worship to get our soul cleaned. To clean our soul we require devotion, dedication, determination and will power. We clean our body to get away from the bad smell which might keep us away from other devotees if a bath is not taken before entry into the temple/church. Bathing should be a regular and a daily affair to keep our body clean at all times.

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    Yes. We have to be good at our heart. This is the human tendency to get attracted towards evils. To avoid this one should have strong willpower and determination. You may be able to clean your body by taking regular bath etc. But keeping soul clean is very very difficult. You may go to temples and you may pray God. But as long as you don't have concentration and determination you can't keep you soul clean.
    Always keeping your thoughts positive, concentrating on good habits and doing good to others may keep you away from evil thoughts.

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    While I am uncertain about belief of soul. I agree that bad thoughts make mind dirty to perform dirty.
    Now while appearance decides human attitude , it is always wrong thinking. There are many cases and movies too where by appearance you can be bluffed. For cleaning mind to keep positive and good thoughts , all you need to educate and experience more about life. Life is more than cheating, fraud, physical relation, worries. Once you know that these all dirty thoughts are only for instant satisfaction you will easily overcome it.

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    A very nice thought provoking and impressive content from the author on the tow subject. Yes we do fail to keep our soul in clean but try to look good externally. We take it granted that no one is going to see our inner position on any matter and thus what ever we look externally with good looking style statement, the others are floored by our appearance. But the real status of any inner soul can be seen at the time of dejection, not getting the rights others enjoying and thus venting of ire would submit to the soul searching queries. So there is always a fight inside our soul and that would continue till when we are alive.
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    @ Mr. sun,
    Yes, Mr. sun, bathing is a daily activity but most of the people do not go to temple without bathing. There 4 staff member in my office who never take breakfast before bathing and prayer. They do not go temple without bathing.
    yes I agree it is not necessary to take bath before going to temple always. I only want to say people always try to clean their physical body but don't care about purity of their soul.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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